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He Needed

He Needed Just figured it out Took me quite awhile because I’m new at this I fell in lust I fell in love I fell in need I fell in desperation I took the bait I played the game I paid the price There are no prizes at the end of this He needed moneyContinue reading “He Needed”

Painting Posey

Painting Posey Dear loved ones, I have been away from my blog for several days, maybe a week now at least.  I even put it on private while I reassessed the situation.  I have decided to change the theme.  No longer will I be talking about my twin flame journey.  I am still very muchContinue reading “Painting Posey”

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair What I like about myself Am I being vain Self appreciation maybe is the aim Regardless, no more false modesty Adjectives Orgasmic is top of my list Organic too – a smile for you Sensual and languid body is appealing mind is expanding and creative Empathic and kind A softy and too niceContinue reading “Vanity Fair”

Two Faced

Two Faced Dear loved ones, Hi, hello.  My thoughts are a jumble today and so this post is going to be a ramble while I sort things out.  As you know I have been seeing Mr. Perfect for several months now, actually it has been about seven months since we met.  We originally connected onContinue reading “Two Faced”


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