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The Bad Guy

The Bad Guy Dear loved ones, I have come down with a stomach flu that has rendered me useless to myself and to others.  It is the most awful feeling to not feel or care about anything, except maybe free access to the bathroom.  Smiley face.  So dull.  A blank sheet. Even my craving andContinue reading “The Bad Guy”

Chorley Park

Chorley Park Running down the street Dog in tow Music playing in my ears on low Desperate to arrive and see you there Park is empty It is night you are standing there so tall and bright A street lamp focuses on your limbs There are eight or nine of them I run to youContinue reading “Chorley Park”


Kinky Warning language and content may offend some 18+ please. “Why aren’t you getting out there Imogen and strutting your stuff, you know you want to.  Why are you just laying around waiting”?  So said the voice in her mind, her constant companion these past several months.  Five months spent as a recluse from theContinue reading “Kinky”

A Note to Self

Note to Self Dear loved ones, Hi. Hello. Happy New Year. I am dying to write to you, to say something important and meaningful and to share some new art pieces.  But, alas, I have not painted anything new in 2021, nor have I picked up a pencil to draw or even doodle.  This partContinue reading “A Note to Self”

The Yearning

The Yearning Dear loved ones, I have been working the past few days and now my legs are killing me from long hours of standing basically in one spot.  But I like my job very much.  I love my customers and my customers love me.  It is a veritable love fest.  The men call meContinue reading “The Yearning”

Calling in a Soulmate

Calling in a soulmate? Dear loved ones, Hello and happy Friday.  I guess Friday still carries some vestiges of fun times, parties, sleeping in times, freedom from responsibilities at least for a few days.  For me Friday doesn’t mean much.  Just another day of the week.  I have made myself sad at this thought.  NormallyContinue reading “Calling in a Soulmate”


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