Flipping the switch

Warning 18+ explicit language

They met at a club downtown in the gay neighbourhood of Church and Carleton Streets.  Why she was there in the first place was a mystery because she was into men, straight men, a man’s man type of guy. She was a woman who loved cock, she didn’t just love it once in awhile, she loved it all the time and craved it constantly as well. 

So, what made such a woman go into a gay/lesbian establishment by herself on a Friday night when anyone and everyone was there looking for hookups and connections, flirtations and distractions. 

She was curious.  She needed fresh material for her stories.  She could only write from life just the same as she could only paint from life.  Everything needed to be real or at least based on reality with some enhancements maybe, a writer’s license so to speak. 

She wasn’t tall but she wasn’t short either, just right she thought, very slim but with curves that made her look feminine. Her hair was short and blond and her face was interesting in a good girl kind of way.  She might appeal to someone as she looked fresh and new despite her increasing years.  Someone recently asked her if she drank from the fountain of youth when they found out her age.  This question surprised her because she hadn’t really thought much about her looks, only about how she felt and she felt wonderful and healthy and full of energy.

There she was, a woman with dark eyes and long black hair just staring at her from the end of the extended bar.  She was breathtakingly beautiful in a gypsy kind of way.  She very well could have been Romanian and a true gypsy and it wouldn’t be a surprise if she could read cards or palms or cast spells.  In that moment when their eyes met a spell was indeed cast and they couldn’t look away from each other.  Her name was Roselyn.

Roselyn was indeed smoky and sexy and silky and all the s words that could be thought of.  She dripped sensuality and pleasure and this made our lady also start dripping in anticipation of what would happen next. 

They talked and laughed and drank.  She was getting quite tipsy being a mostly non-drinker, but that was just fine with her to be light and lose and to let her inhibitions fly out the window.  Her desire for this woman was increasing second by second, so when Roselyn suggested they get out of there and go to her place, there was no hesitation on her part.  Lead the way and take the lead were her thoughts at the invitation.

Roselyn’s apartment was a bit of a mess, not dirty but cluttered with odds and ends, it looked lived in and was very appealing.  It was like life, full of this and that, nothing appearing in order, creative chaos.  Beautiful just like the owner.

They had removed each other’s clothes and now lay stretched out on the bed, not touching yet but enjoying the sensation of being in each other’s space.  The sex in the air was heavy to the senses, tangible and fragrant. 

Roselyn made the first move by gently touching and then running her fingers down the front of her body, making little swirling motions over the top of each nipple, flicking the tips and teasing them into a full stand.  She leaned over and tenderly kissed these buds and began sucking on them in earnest.  Never before had a woman sucked on her breasts or brought her to orgasm from doing so.  All her senses were being stimulated and she had been primed and wanted more, much more. 

They kissed.

She opened her legs wide in invitation.  Her labia was engorged and bright pink and her clit was sticking up like a little dick as if to say look at me, touch me, suck me, fuck me …. Do something … do anything… her sex was wet and warm, ready and needy. 

Roselyn had been rubbing herself as she was kissing our lady and she too was hot and excited, full of anticipation. 

Please suck me, please suck on my clit, lick me, kiss me there – I need you to do this for me, she begged, don’t leave me in this state I can’t stand it.  Suck, suck, suck, suck she kept repeating over and over again like a mantra. 

Roslyn clamped onto her clit like her lips were a suction cup and she wouldn’t let go.  She sucked and sucked and sucked and sucked some more and all the while she was putting one, two, three of her long fingers up inside this girl’s cunt with an in and out action.  Our lady was out of her mind and over the top and her orgasms wouldn’t stop and her cum was shooting out of her into Roslyn’s mouth.  Beautiful creamy cum.  Stop, don’t stop, she couldn’t decide.  Then stop, stop, stop she screamed because she really had come to the end of that ride. 

They kissed again and she could taste herself on Roselyn’s lips. Delicious.

Your turn now, was all she wanted to say.

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