The Mannequin

Warning explicit sexual language 18+

 I’m so horny today but that’s not so unusual because I am like this every day unless I am very ill, and maybe even then too.  What to do about it is my concern and this day is no different.  I resort to my favourite fantasy which I turn to again and again because it never fails in its results.

I am standing on display in a large department store and I realize that I am a manakin or one of those sex dolls.  I am fully clothed except for my pussy and sex.  These are exposed for all onlookers, and there are many.  The more curious ones take a closer look and even touch.  Some are amazed that I feel so real and lifelike and say she is wet just like a real girl.

I am enjoying the attention and the touch.  But I want more.  Can’t they see how swollen my labia is.  Can’t they see the flush of my skin.  Will someone please kiss me and taste my wetness it is so sweet like nectar and will satisfy.  I am begging without words.

Then the throngs are on me kissing and licking and probing and pinching.  As soon as someone finishes with me another takes their place without interruption like one continuous suck.  It is non ending and completely satisfying.

By this time, I have been knocked over and my remaining wardrobe has been torn off.  Poor little mannequin is all messed up, but look she smiles still.

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