The Sun Bather

Warning explicit sexual language 18+

You are lounging in the sun beside and eternal pool naked in all your glory.  There are other sun bathers but none are as you are in your perfection and none are having their bodies kissed by the sun in the manner in which you are.  You seem oblivious to your suroundings and to the height that your cock has risen.  I walk by and am immediately drawn to you.  I stand in front of you blocking your source of light but you do not register any indication that I am there looking at you.

Wait – one tiny drop of precum appears like a diamond at the tip of your raging erection.  I want to lick it up like a drop of pure magic has just been gifted to me by the gods.  So, I get down on my knees and with the barest touch with my mouth take that precious potion.  A slight moan escapes your lips.  I also make a small sound but it comes out more as a growl.  I should just get up and walk away and let you return to your own pleasure but I cannot make myself move.  Your cock is too gloriously regal to be abandoned. 

As gently as I can I lick the crown, my mouth is so hungry for it.  You adjust your position and are thrusting your manhood towards me and my mouth.  So, you do know that I am here and want what I want.  I take the whole head into my wettest of mouths.  Oh my god you taste like my favourite ice cream, maple walnut.  I cannot stop swallowing the whole of you as you are perfection.  It is going in so deep and seems there is no end of you and no end of my throat capacity.  You thrust hard into my mouth and let me use all my skills to illicit the release that I so desire.  You do not disappoint and flood my mouth and throat with your deliciousness. 

You are relaxed and I return your cock to its previous location.  There is a smile on your lips as there is on mine.  I fly away.

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