The Submissive

Warning 18+ explicit language

She loved her master, she truly did, and she would do anything for him whatever he asked.  How strange it was that she liked his rage and anger and the look in his eyes that spoke of his inner turmoil and told her she was in trouble for being a slut and a whore.  This would make her cream her panties, if she had any on that is.  She got out of the habit of putting on underwear especially when alone with him because they would immediately be wet and also immediately be removed by him.

Her master was a kind and loving man in his heart and soul and it just shone out of him, but he also was very firm and domineering and aggressive and wild.  She loved all of it especially his animal nature.  She had never really lived until she met and had bonded herself to him. 

“Tonight, we are going to explore something that may terrify you but do not resist this”, were his words to her that morning before he left for work.  Prepare yourself physically, take care with your appearance and cleanliness, but especially prepare yourself emotionally and be ready to accept any and all things.  This is a command.  She could clean and fix herself up, that was no problem, but how to prepare emotionally when she didn’t know what was planned.  Meditate, burn incense, smoke a joint…. what.  She was immediately wet with excitement and longing knowing that this would be some forbidden pleasure. 

He didn’t come home from work at the expected time but instead left detailed instructions for her describing what she was to wear, the address she would travel to, and the exact time of her arrival at the destination.  She was nervous, excited, anxious, curious, wet and aroused all at the same time.   Was she descending into a hole of debauchery? A deep dark forbidden place of pleasure and self-discovery?  Would she learn who she was and what she was capable of and how far she could journey downward and within without experiencing permanent harm.  The scene was set and the performance would follow.

She arrived at 9pm sharp to an address in the Distillery District, an old theatre building that was run down and looked like it had been abandoned years ago.  A small pang of fear traveled down her back as she searched for the building’s entrance as it wasn’t apparent at first glance.  It was very surprising that on reaching the bottom floor that indeed it was still set up as a theatre and there were at least 25 or 30 people, mostly men, sitting in the seats looking towards the raised stage up front waiting for a performance to begin.  She felt a momentary relief thinking she was just there to watch some erotic play, which was quickly followed by disappointment and dismay.  Where was her master, what is so exciting about this?  Why the preparation and mystery?  She wasn’t left to wonder for long.

Her master suddenly stepped out of the darkness, took both of her hands in his and looked into her shinning green eyes and said,

Am I your master?

            Yes master

Are you my submissive?

            Yes master

Will you obey me in everything without question?

            Yes master

Do you desire me?

            Yes master

Do you trust me?

            Yes master

Do you love me?

            Yes master, I love you very much master.

Come, we, or more accurately you, are the main attraction.  We are performing for our guests.  This is something we have done ourselves a hundred or more times and you have nothing to fear.  These people need to see what they will be getting.

With that he led her to the stage.

Still holding on to one of her hands he leads her up the few steps and they take their places at center stage.  They bow to their audience.

Sensual and seductive music begins playing and drums sound a steady heart beat rhythm and the audience breathes in and out in time. 

He pushes her down onto her knees in front of him so that her mouth is level with his large cock that is rising in his pants.  She releases him and his erection springs to life grabbing her attention.  Lick my cock, you slut face whore, handle and suck on my balls, that’s right get them nice and wet.  Put the head in your greedy mouth and suck on me, don’t shirk in your duty to my cock you lying fucking bitch.  His cock was growing and swelling and now touching the back of her throat.  The music played, the drums beat, the audience sighed, she sucked and he moaned.  Taking hand holds of her short blond hair he gets an in and out motion going thrusting further and further down her throat gaging and chocking her in the process.  Take my cock and suck you dirty slut fucking wife.  Let me ram my cock down your throat you horny fucking cunt whore.  Such were his words of endearment to her.

The audience begin to clap their hands at this diatribe of insults getting excited by the performance.  He face fucks her hard and soon a low guttural moan escapes him and cum fills her throat and runs white down her chin and throat.

Stand up you stupid bitch, as he pulls her to her feet.  I am going to need some assistance now.  Someone from the audience.?  From a show of hands, and everyone had their hands up even the few women that were present, he picks someone – a manly someone with long hair tied back in a ponytail.  Everyone is jumping to their feet wanting also to participate in this play.  Our selectee skips up on the stage and already has his cock out of his pants anticipating his part.

The audience members begin to chant – fuck her, fuck her, fuck her, fuck her, fuck her, fuck her.  Together Master and this audience member pull her dress up and off leaving her standing there naked with cum still running down her chin, tears streaming from her eyes, wetness dripping between her legs, face flushed, hair messed, nipples engorged and standing at attention all the while still wearing her high-heeled black shoes.     She is completely aroused.

Her master positions her over a padded bench, a prop for the occasion, showing off her cunt and ass in full view of the audience and also at the right level for a good fucking by our pony-tailed friend. 

Stop your crying your whinny whore and spread those legs wider to give our guest easier access.  She complies and using her hands spreads her ass cheeks, opening up her tight hole for easier penetration.  Her ass is wet and ready, her vvv is swollen with desire.  She is in full bloom.  Before our volunteer can stick it to her, the master calls for another participant.  Who here in this room would like to experience the best blow job of their life? All jump to their feet raising their hands and waving them back and forth trying to stand out and get picked for this glorious encounter.  He picks another man from among them, someone who looks vaguely familiar to her.  Her intuition is telling her, here comes someone she knows or at least knows of.  She can feel that he is related to her master, not by his looks but by some other quality radiating off of him.  She likes him immediately and is happy to be able to pleasure him.  It will feel almost like she is loving and sucking her master’s cock.  Her only thought now is for this man who stands in front of her with his large penis being presented as a gift for her open and wet mouth.  The man behind her has his hands on her hips and jolts her to attention with a not too gentle thrust.  Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, cock, cock, cock, suck, suck, suck, suck …. Words running through her brain.   She licks and bites and kisses most tenderly the cock in front of her face.  She adores this cock.  She sucks and sucks this beautiful cock to its full capacity and she will not stop.  This sucking is not just coming from her mouth but also from the back of her throat and her whole being is involved in this.  Everything has faded away, even the rhythmic thrusts in her ass take on very little importance. The whole of her is centered on this cock in her mouth giving her best performance to please this man and thus please her master.  He groans and moans and she can tell he wants also to scream but she will not stop and release her grip.  He can not hold on to his cum any longer and shoots a steady stream down her throat and much of it joins and mingles with her master’s which was already dripping from her face.   

Her attention once again turns to the man fucking her ass and she gives herself up to this pleasure.  Please harder, harder, fuck me harder, don’t stop please don’t stop…. I am cuming, cuming, and her body convulses in a multitude of electric shocks.  The lucky volunteer yells his release and fills her ass to capacity. 

The remaining audience members are on their feet, no one is sitting now.  The are all invited up onto the stage to get a closer look and to participate if they so desire.  All can be done with nothing forbidden.  They come all naked and wanting.  Someone is licking her clit, someone else is kissing her mouth, and another is fingering her cunt.  They are also kissing and fucking and sucking each other, woman and man, man and man, woman and woman, a conglomerate of bodies all pleasuring each other. 

She looks for her master and sees him standing at a distance enjoying the show.  Their eyes meet and at that moment she has her best orgasm of the night just from his look and from his thought and from the love in his eyes.

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4 thoughts on “The Submissive

  1. I met a real-life dom (one who did it for a job in Atlantic City, NJ) online. I’ve known her for years. She was attracted to this job because she had the dominant personality in real-life and relished her role enough to do it for a living.

    She taught me quite a bit about it. as I had all the wrong impressions about what D/s is, as do most people. She also taught me how D/s can manifest itself in many non-sexual ways also, even to the point where it can be entirely non-sexual. Today, she’s an ordinary stay-at-home lady who mostly works out her desires to be a dom in her fantasies.

    She and I determined that I don’t have the personality to be either a dom or a submissive. In fact, I have always referred to my women past as my partners and I’ve always felt complete equality within the relationship was sexiest.

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    1. I am completely submissive and was attached to the player because he is very dominant. But he seemed to be only dominant on paper (texts) and always found an excuse not to meet face to face except for the first time.
      Equality is the best way I think.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Time for me to sleep, I think. However, if you’d like to communicate with me sometime to where we aren’t doing it in a public forum, Summerhilllane, you can leave me a message at “contact me” on the top of my WordPress page. That way, we aren’t exposing our email addresses publicly. My name is Manfred, btw. It was nice chatting with you.

        Liked by 2 people

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