The Journey

Warning explicit sexual language 18+

The Journey

She was going on a journey, an adventure, someplace new with distant horizons, actually there were no horizons to ground her and give a sense of time and place.

It started innocently enough, a meeting with a stranger for a sexual encounter that she hoped would be exciting and also hoped would continue.  She wasn’t looking for a long-term commitment but was open to more than a one-night stand.

There he was, tall, dark, muscular, handsome with deep blue eyes the colour of the deepest ocean.  So sexy, dripping in sex appeal and speaking of dripping, this is exactly what was happening to her during the hour-long ride by train to meet him.  He had instructed her to wear a dress and no underwear so he could have immediate access to her cunt.

As soon as he picked her up from the train station and got her settled in the front seat of his suv he pulls her close and kisses her lips opening her mouth and begins sucking on her tongue.  With his other hand he reaches up under her dress and inserts two fingers into her very wet pussy.

Not a word was spoken between them and only the slurping and kissing sounds disturbed the silence.  She wasn’t inactive with her hands either, with one she caressed the back of his neck and the other was down the front of his pants fondling his ever-growing cock.  A shiver runs down her back and she wants to fuck him right there in the parking lot, but he has other plans for their time together.  He takes her to a local restaurant for some pizza and drinks.  This had been on her insistence that the rendezvous be treated as a date but they both knew what it really was.

She had been with one other man since her separation from a long and miserable marriage, but had broken it off because she couldn’t relax and accept that it was only sexual.  The age difference between them was too great, she was needy and got very upset when he ignored her for days on end.  She had not healed sufficiently from the afore mentioned marriage, even though she had given herself a whole year to grieve and process, not long enough apparently.

She needed sex and she needed it now!!!! She wanted sex every day and every night and besides sex she wanted attention of a loving kind.  Something dramatic needed to blow her mind and open her up and unblock the sexual energy that was coursing through her trying to get out.  And she just met him, Mr. Dominant, Mr. Explosive, although she didn’t recognize him immediately.

Later she told her daughter that the date bordered on physical abuse and it took her the better part of a week to recover.  This week she spent crying, sobbing, the grief that was coming up had no bottom.  She couldn’t explain why this desolation had come over her so severe with endless tears. 

He texted her to keep the lines of communication open even though she thought she should just stay away from him in the future, but her heart beat faster when she heard from him and joy spread across her features.  Their conversations were minimal and always of a sexual nature.  In fact, they talked of little else.  Arrangements were made to meet again always dependent on his working schedule.  He set a date and that day would come and go without a word from him.  Several days would pass and then he would send a text message as if there was nothing out of the ordinary going on.  No apology or explanations were given.  Very rude behaviour from her perspective, as if she wasn’t worth the trouble of letting her know he couldn’t make it.  Was he doing this on purpose so she would drop him and save him the trouble, or was he testing her patience to see if she would stick with him regardless of his rude and disrespectful behaviour? 

She felt abandoned and on her own and lonely and unloved.

Why was she so attached to such a character?  No idea, but the love was there and it wouldn’t go away.  The love for this man and the pain it caused her was unexplainable.  Try as she might she couldn’t let him go even when he over and over again cancelled on her.  She assumed she was just an option for him, one of many.  This could still be true although he said there was no one else when she asked him about it.  Who was she to deny him or be upset with him when she herself had others to play with?  If he was going to not follow through then she would just find men to please her, and she did.

It’s hard to recall the exact day that things changed between them.  She felt the shift in her body in her cunt, to be crude, or her sacral chakra, to use a more gentile language.  If he thought of her she knew immediately, a very warm sensation started between her legs and the wetness dripped.  A confirming text or phone call would always follow.  They were connected or at least his mind and her sex were joined.  The nights and early mornings of sexual ecstasy began quite suddenly after he admitted that higher powers had brought them together and not just for sexual pleasures.  They were constant lovers in the astral, the 5D.  She felt his cock inside her bringing her to orgasm over and over again.  The passion for him was so intense and all consuming that she couldn’t wait to lay in her small bed at night just to feel close to him.

They had known each other before, that was certain, and she thought of him as her husband and sometimes also called him master as a throw back from other times.  He asked her to be his slut wife and submissive.  It shocked her that she readily agreed to such a thing (after looking up online to see exactly what those terms meant).  It felt natural and normal even though it was a foreign concept. 

He could feel her and she could feel him, so what was this all about?  Still she craved his touch, his body, to feel his arms around her, his kisses.  She needed to look into his eyes and feel his cock in all her private places.  He stalled and worked and stalled and worked.  She cried and cried but still they didn’t come together in the physical.  He didn’t tell her much or explain why they stayed apart when it was very clear at least to her that they were meant to be together.

She tried to leave him several times but it was impossible, it couldn’t be done. Sending him unconditional love every day and trying to accept that he wasn’t ready for this coming together in real time. He must have things to work on and purge before there could be unity. It dawned on her that they may never be together in this life. The thought of this brought her to her knees in mourning. The grief was starting over again. He was her twin her mate her soul.

Her life was passing in this waiting game and she had spent the majority of her precious time already wasted on those that were of the darkness and wouldn’t move into the light. 

He is again promising a meeting, a joining because they had been apart too long already.  She wants to believe that this time it will happen but knows not to get her hopes up again. 

What was the point of finding him she wonders to the universe?


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