Ad in the Sunday Times

Warning explicit sexual language 18+

Ad in the Sunday Times

It started innocently enough with a small ad in the Sunday Times reading – a get together with like minded individuals for a fun filled night of great conversation, sumptuous food, open bar and other intoxicants.  Fulfill all your fantasies in a 100% safe environment.  Don’t be shy call this number: 888-696-9696.

She considered herself a good girl and virtuous and she knew if she phoned this number there would be no going back.  She actually never wanted to go back anyway.  Every day she dripped her passion and every day she craved for release from her self imposed restraints.

She dropped to her knees and prayed – who to she didn’t know.  A habit with no substance, then she dialed the number.

There were 7 men standing around talking when she walked in.  She was the only woman.  Electricity cursed through her from head to toe.  All eyes were on her sizing her up imagining what they were going to do to her.  She was completely soaked by this time.

All were attentive to her offering her food and drink, a puff, a hug, a kiss.  One man in particular stood out from the rest.  She connected with him immediately on a soul level but he was the most distant in manner and location in the room.

Seductive music started playing and she danced first on her own, then was passed from man to man with a twirl and a squeeze like some sort of ballroom extravaganza.  As they danced pieces of clothing began to be scattered all around her.  Their clothing, her clothing.  She didn’t remember how it came off, kind of just floated off her shoulders.  Still dancing and swaying and completely stoned she moved around the floor from man to man.

Tired of this titillating rhumba, hands directed her to a raised platform in the centre of the room.  Where did that come from, she would have noticed it upon her arrival.  Someone lifted her and placed her tenderly on the alter.  Her legs spread wide open in anticipation.

She started writhing even before they touched her.  Someone started kissing her mouth, another was kissing her wetness.  Oh my god she cried out, don’t stop.  Still another was fingering her ass then he flipped her over.  She was lost to herself and had joined and become one with all.  Was this her body or part of his, did she cry out or was it their voices.  All was a fog yet crystal clear.  She knew when he entered her as her spirit recognized him from eternity.  Please stay with me in this union, there is only you – were the words making their way into her consciousness.  All the others were still pleasing her but she could only focus on the one.

Her body was exhausted but her mind wanted more.  Fill me up in every way and in every place, and they did.  There were no spots left unloved and she had surrendered to it all.

Can this have a climax she wondered.  Would there be something that marks the end of this masterpiece, this performance.  Her body was in continuous orgasm even beyond her limits.  He was pounding hard in her ass and she was matching his thrusts.  Don’t stop babe she cried, pound me, ram your huge cock into me.  She was only focusing on him but the others were also standing by her face and breasts waving their large erections at her.  Opening her mouth and lifting her breasts in invitation she urged them all on.  A flood of cum spread across her, in her eyes, her open mouth, her cheeks, her neck her breasts and the most was in her ass completely full.

She started weeping and become overwhelmed and the one lifted her tiny body tenderly and placed her gently next to him and covered her with his arms and kissed her neck and made tiny soothing sounds like she was a loved baby.  They fell asleep and she dreamt of him alone.

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