The Eatable

Warning explicit sexual language 18+

The Eatable

She was in town for only one day and two nights and was missing her lover who was far away.  Being the sexy girl that she was, always craving cock and especially now since she had been without for quite awhile, she was in a bad way and didn’t know how to fix herself without looking for someone to fuck her. She definitely didn’t want to do that because only her lover had what she needed and anyone else would do a half ass job and she would end up frustrated as well as guilty and disloyal.  Her lover would most likely understand when she told him about it, but she didn’t want to take that chance.  

She was offered an eatable, a gummy bear, that looked just like a real candy.  She never asked how strong it was or what to expect, just popped it in her mouth and chewed and swallowed.  This was the first time she had tried one of these and her thinking was it will just make her relax and maybe sleep.  Boy was she wrong on both counts.

Taking to her bed because she could no longer stand up or even lift her head off the pillow once she was laying flat, she was afraid even of closing her eyes because all these faces were coming to her and talking to her when her eyes were shut, but she couldn’t keep them open so she went with the visions appearing as if on a screen in front of her face.  This was no flat screen tv, but in 4D HD and every other D if it existed in time and space in this reality or other ones. She wasn’t scared of all this visual display because she had been seeing things like this ever since she was a young child but as a child it was usually animals she saw projected on the walls of her bedroom.  The animals never hurt her they just came and stayed awhile looked at her, smiled in their animal way then left her alone to sleep. As she grew older the animals turned into people, all kinds of people, children, young men, old men, old women and younger ones too.  They came and looked at her and smiled and spoke to her in a language she didn’t understand but still knew.  

This night the faces were more distinct and more interactive with her as she could feel their presence on her skin.  One came and stayed with her for a long time.  He looked like her lover and his energy felt like his so much so that it confused her to where and when she actually was.  He was in her and above her and below her and she was looking through his eyes and he was looking through hers. They were melting into each other like two bodies of hot wax until there was only one them.  Her body was physically lifting off the bed.  The only words that came to her mind was ecstasy and surrender. The orgasms that shook her felt like kicks from the inside out, and was the longest, sweetest most powerful thing she had ever experienced.  It went on and on into the night.

Her head had stopped spinning and the sun was shining through the window making her open her eyes. The feeling of her lover was still with her but he was disappearing quickly from her body mind.  It was pointless to try to hold on to him any longer and he was gone.  

She was calm, quiet and completely satiated and satisfied.  Thank you baby, was all she needed to say.

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