The Sweetest Pain

eyes the colour of the deepest ocean

The sweetest pain

She is all pent up and needs sexual release but there is no one around and she is not going to go looking for cock.  She cannot even feel the energy of her baby whose very thoughts can make her cum.  But he has withdrawn his power and has blocked her from his mind.  He is not thinking of her and hasn’t been thinking of her for quite awhile.  The idea crosses her mind that he may be with someone else.  This alone is driving her to desperation and despair.

She has a release but only in the form of tears.  Her body is being rocked with sorrow and a tremendous grief settles over her.  Even her bones are weeping.  She does nothing in moderation it seems, even crying.

All of her is involved in this passion, even her pussy is crying and is very wet and wanting.

Finally, all worn out from these pathetic displays she stops.  Something shifts in her – a presence, an energy, a desire, a thought, his thought, her thought.

Now her body is writhing on her little bed.  Her back arches almost folding her in half the wrong way.  Again, and again orgasms flood over her like some form of spirit possession.  It is the sweetest pain.

This too stops and she sleeps.

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