Cum and Tears on Canvas

Cum and Tears on Canvas

Warning explicit sexual language 18+

She had a dream a vision

Of a life a path

Sensual and creative

No boundaries or barriers

Beautiful one was with her

He was fucking a black haired raven

Don’t complain or be hurt

He would only cum in her and on her canvas

Somehow this satisfied her and she relaxed into her work

The painting began crying for her

It smeared the paint

dried in rivulets

shined like jewels catching the light

Published by summerhilllane

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10 thoughts on “Cum and Tears on Canvas

    1. I often wonder when looking at other people’s art , what was the artist trying to figure out or make sense of in their life. Or maybe it is just fun and nothing deeper than that. Thank you again Tony for your insights.

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      1. It can be either, I think, or even sometimes both. A lot of the art on my Instagram account is sometimes just that… equal parts catharsis and fun. It’s also been personally a little confronting for me as I push myself to draw subject matter that I never would have dared to a few years ago, so I guess art can also be a transformative thing too.

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