Milk Chocolate

Warning explicit sexual language 18+

Stand alone and be strong

Milk Chocolate

They met downtown at Dupont Square where all the action takes place. She stood there just waiting for him to show up, a bit high because she was offered smoke from two black men that were also standing close to her. She loved the smell of pot and gravitated towards it whenever she could.

He approached her and immediately kissed her with his soft lips.  He had never really kissed her before because they were just friends, so this kiss was a surprise, a pleasant one.  Yes, he was kissing her quite passionately even though they were surrounded by people just hanging out looking for something interesting to watch and many eyes were on them.  “Large black dude passionately kissing slender white woman”.

She asked if he wanted to go for a drink to start and he turned that suggestion down.  How about you just take me home with you now, he said.  She had to help him with money to get on the subway because he didn’t know the currency of the country and it felt strange for her to help him in this way.  It was as if she taking a little kid on the bus for the first time.

The subway was very crowded and there were no seats to be had so they stood packed together like sardines in a can.  He was able to hold on to an overhead bar but she had no hand hold.  He put his arm around her and brought her in close to him so she wouldn’t go flying into others at the jumps and starts of the subway car.  She was feeling protected and also getting quite wet from this closeness. 

They had drinks when they arrived at her apartment, he had a steam whistle beer and she had baileys on the rocks, which was her favourite drink.  She didn’t even get a chance to take a sip of her cocktail before he was kissing her again this time with more zest and zeal.  His hand and long fingers had worked their way under the waistband of her jeans and were touching the center of her sex and feeling the wetness of her.  Of course, she also was doing an examination of his cock by feeling him through the front of his pants and was getting afraid because of the sheer size of him.

He got up from the couch and took her hand and asked her to take him to her room where they could be more comfortable.  Her bed was small but he said it would be big enough for what they were going to do.  He stripped off his clothes immediately and positioned himself on the bed with his huge cock taking center stage in her attention.  My god what was she going to do with that.  That was some big meal and she hadn’t eaten in awhile.  It was the largest cock, not that she had ever seen, but that she had ever tried to put in her mouth.

Why was she doing this with him, she didn’t love him, she didn’t even desire him.  He truly was a friend to her and a friend who was in need of a good time.  Probably she was the only woman he knew in this country who could help him in his dilemma. So, it was a conscious decision to take him to her bed.  It wouldn’t hurt her too much, although it did hurt her quite a bit because of the size of him, and she would be doing him a favour.  What the hell – it was also a curiosity for her to be with a black man and to see what all the fuss was about.

The whole event didn’t last long.  It was fast and furious and the cum flew but only into a condom.   He was screaming, she was not.  She felt pleasure and she did cum twice but it wasn’t the same as being with someone she loved and cared for.  Now he wanted a repeat performance because that was just a greasing of the pump.  The ball was again in her court.

She did not dream of him that night nor would she ever. Her nighttime visions and travels were already spoken for by the one whom she loved.

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One thought on “Milk Chocolate

  1. You know, Summerhill, I never had what you might call a one night stand. Back in the day, I always had at least a very strong liking, if not outright feelings of love, for every woman with whom I had ever had sex and it was always with the intention of perhaps finding that lasting relationship. When it did come time to have sex, there was always that desperate feeling that if it’s not now, then the woman who could very well be the love of my life might walk out that door, never to return. Of course, once we did have sex, I was always hopelessly bonded to her with the intention of it lasting forever, and it did last forever – at least for a while.

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