Imagining a Second Time

Warning explicit sexual language 18+

Imagining a second time by Summerhill Lane

This would only be their second meeting but it seemed to her that they had known each other for many years. She knew what excited him and turned him on, where to touch and where to kiss and where to suck.  Apart from the one time where they had actually locked eyes and mouths and joined in all her private places, mouth to cock, cock to her very wet center and cock to her tight ass as well, their affair had only subsisted on text messages, phone calls, and emails.  It was good that all these substitutes for the real thing were highly charged and erotic because this was all that was keeping her going.

She couldn’t speak for him, who knew what he was up too being the most sensual man she had ever met, he must be up to his eyeballs in sexy women.  Then again, she hadn’t gone without as there were always men ready to satisfy her when she wanted.  But trouble was she only wanted him and he was unavailable. 

To fill her time until their fucking rendezvous she had to imagine their joining in all its stages. This wasn’t hard for her because she had a very vivid imagination. 

It hadn’t been established where they were meeting and when, so she invented a place and time to her liking. 

She took a train to B….. which was midway between them, actually closer to where he lived, and made her way to the hotel she had booked for the occasion.  All he needed to do was show up with a hard cock and a big smile.  He meant way more to her than this, but just for the sake of imagining she would stick to the essentials.

She put on a very sexy nighty which she had purchased just for this occasion.  This gown was only for him to see. It was virginal white (an oxymoron) sheer and see through in the bra area, and the tiniest excuse for panties.

She arrived at the hotel early and wasn’t expecting him for at least another half hour, so she had a quick bath just to refresh herself and wash away all the wetness that had accumulated.  As soon as it was washed away lots more came to replace it. She was so hot and excited to be with him.  It had been way too long to be without him.

She tied a kerchief over her eyes, lay on their bed, her body tuned into him, and waited for his arrival.  Orgasms woke her from the briefest siesta. He must be near.  The door opened and she felt a presence in the room, was it him?  How come she couldn’t tell for sure; this was not like her to not know who was there.  It didn’t matter really and just assumed it was him.  OMG she was wet. 

She felt the briefest touch on her wet pussy, was it a tongue or a finger, she couldn’t tell.  Someone eased themselves on the bed and began licking her in earnest.  It didn’t take long for her to scream and moan and thrash about, and then a very intense orgasm ripped through her body.

He/she moved up closer to her face and mouth, definitely a he. His cock taped her on the lips signalling her to open her mouth. She quickly obeyed and using both her hands she directed this beautiful hard cock into her greedy mouth.  Oh, my was she in heaven.  Slowly she swirled the head around and sucked gently and wet his cock evenly with her wet mouth.  She started sucking in earnest now without letup.  His cock was hitting the back of her throat because he was also into the rhythm of this.  He must have been holding onto the head board of the bed for support and leverage because there was incredible force behind his thrusts into her mouth and she was gaging and choking but she could handle it and really enjoyed it all every sensation.  Harder and faster he pounded his cock down her throat and finally he released a very full load of cum in her throat, so much so that she couldn’t swallow it all and it was running down her face and chin.

His cum tasted different. It was then that a doubt entered her mind that maybe a stranger had entered her hotel room.  She calmed herself by thinking that he wasn’t eating pineapple like he was accustomed to but had changed it to some other fruit or maybe he wasn’t bothering with that anymore. 

His lips touched hers and they were so soft and moist that an electric tremor ran down her spine and pooled in her neither region.  She opened her mouth and sucked on his tongue and he sucked on hers. While they were kissing another vibration started and it was positioned at the entrance to her vagina.  Someone was fucking her with a dildo and it was a big one because it was stretching her tight pussy wide open.  Momentarily she wondered how he could kiss her so passionately and wheeled that dildo so expertly, but she let the thought pass and gave herself up to the sensations.  She couldn’t scream because he was covering her mouth with his, but her body was in an altered state.  All of her was in an altered state.

The only drugs she had ever used was occasionally she smoked weed, very occasionally, and then more recently had tried THC oil.  She was experiencing a totally different feeling now and it felt like she could lift right off the bed and float away.

She needed to see her baby.  She had missed him so badly that she could just cry.  Taking off her blind fold and focusing her eyes after being in the dark for what seemed like hours, there he is right there next to her looking at her with his beautiful blue eyes.  Oh, how she loved to look into his eyes. The hotel door closed but she didn’t see anyone going out. Maybe it was her imagination that there had been someone else with them, she didn’t care because her baby was right there beside her and their fuck fest had only just begun.

She came back to reality in a flash still wet and shaking with passion and frustration. If he only knew how much she desired him he would be breaking down her door. Oh, that’s right, he does know and still does nothing. What the fuck is the matter with him?

And what the fuck was the matter with her for imagining such things instead of living.

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