Walk behind me ten paces

Walk behind me ten paces by Summerhill Lane

Song of Devine Masculine to his Devine Feminine

Hey golden goose

sing me some praise

tell me a story

lay me an egg

Hey golden goose what’s that you say

give me some details clear and concise

follow behind me

it’s really okay

Hey golden goose

live your best life

paint it for me

I’m stuck here unliberated

and want to roam free

Hey golden goose

don’t cut me adrift

walk behind me ten paces

it’s the way it must be

behind me is safest you’ll come to agree

Hey golden goose

tell me you love me

and pour it on thick

my heart then may begin to tick

Hey golden goose

I am bored and sick of this place

tell me a story

lay me an egg.

Published by summerhilllane

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9 thoughts on “Walk behind me ten paces

      1. I envy anyone who can paint with watercolour as well as you do. I have done a bit of this myself over the years, but I barely feel in control of that medium. It’s really really easy to muck up a drawing when you’re using watercolours!

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      2. I’m really going to have to apply myself again and break out the watercolours. Just reading how enjoyable the process is for you makes me want to do the same! Thank you, Summerhill!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh, now that is a fantastic idea! It slightly embarrasses me to say that I didn’t know one could do that with watercolours… so I reckon now I can approach this with a measure of confidence that being allowed to make mistakes can allow. Great!

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