No Strings Attached

Warning sexual content and language 18+

Romanticizing the waves by Summerhill Lane

No Strings Attached

Warning sexual language and content 18+

There was no photograph accompanying the write up on a very popular dating application, just a cartoon drawing of Dick Tracy, or maybe it was the Joker.  Anyway, the caricature didn’t scare but only made her laugh out loud.  His profile intrigued… European male, single, decent looking, 6’1”, looking for steamy erotic encounter, easy going, respectful, safe, let’s play.  Why she believed that an encounter with this man would be erotic and steamy yet safe, she didn’t know.  The cartoon figure winked at her in response to the wetness starting between her legs.

They met downtown in a very central location with lots of holiday shoppers coming and going or just standing around watching the street performers, musicians, dancers, sidewalk artists and preachers who were taking advantage of their captive audience to spout the latest or the old and tired philosophies.  She was leaning up against one of the store fronts dressed in a little black dress and long-legged hooker boots, trying not to look as excited and edgy as she was feeling. 

He strides confidently, leans in and kisses gently on her soft pouty lips.  Wow, good start she thinks, he is confident and bold. 

Okay, stop right now!  Don’t get carried away and be romanticised by this guy as he is only a substitute, a fuck, a no strings attached diversion.  You have been craving baby and he is a little gift just for you.  You need a cock and here he is and that’s all he is.  Understand?

To Be Continued …… Scene 2 – The Restaurant

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