A Devine Feminine Confesses

Beauty everywhere she looks by Summerhill Lane

A Devine Feminine Confesses

Dear Reader/Friend:

Well I am finally recovered from the flu (mostly but still very weak and have lost a lot of weight which I couldn’t afford to lose), and am back to the flow of life, work, home, time with friends and family, cooking, cleaning, and all the other essential activities to keep house and home together.

I have a confession to make. I failed in my determination not to message my Devine Masculine. I failed with a bang! Not only did I message him, but I sent him a link to this blog. Why? Because I was feeling needy and clingy once again and I missed him terribly. I even told him that I was hugging the trees in the park and imagining that I was hugging him. Also, I wanted to expose myself and open up and lay bare, naked before him. This is me and how I think and process what we have been going through in this connection. If he thinks I am just a crazy lady, so be it.

Now the ball is in his court and I do not want to contemplate any reaction on his part.  The scene is set, now let the play begin.

Very Sincerely,

Summerhill Lane

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4 thoughts on “A Devine Feminine Confesses

    1. Thank you Tony for your comments. I feel like we are friends and I appreciate this connection. Actually he (DM) sent a text after he read “unwrapping the love” and said “very nice but I am not a monster “. I don’t think he looked at any of my other posts. By exposing myself I left it up to him to cut me loose or not.

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      1. It takes courage to expose yourself as you have done, so perhaps it was a move worth taking? Fingers crossed, although it’s hard to know what the outcome will be, huh? And, yes, I would be happy to call you my friend too. Any time you would like to talk, please don’t hesitate.

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