A Poem of Sorts – reblog

Warning sexual language and content 18+

getting out of her own way by Summerhill Lane

A Poem of sorts a reblog

Dear Reader(s)/Friend(s): The following is a blog post (a poem) that I submitted on Christmas Day 2019, that reflects the twin flame / soulmate journey that I have been on for awhile and I am realizing that I am still stuck in the chaser (that’s me) and the runner (that’s the DM) phase, or we have been going around and around in circles repeating the same behaviour. The fault lies with me I have to admit. I need to get out of my own way and leave the poor DM alone and let him work on his own healing and soul growth without me reminding him that I am still very much in love with him. He knows as I have told him enough times, how could he forget. Haha!

A dear soul sister (Emmerson 36911) very gently reminded me again today that I was being naughty and to stay focused on my work. Thank you for that nudge in the right direction.

Very Sincerely, Summerhill Lane

A Poem of Sorts

Met online


They joined

They fucked

Slam to the mouth

Slam to the ass

Slam to the cunt

Bruised but awakened

He shuts down

She chases

He runs

She pursues

He ghosts

She cries

Back and forth they dance

She falls in love

His heart is closed and cold

She tries to leave him


He keeps her tied but untouched and unloved

She tells all

He tells nothing

In this way they grow and the journey proceeds

Painful and destressing

Always hoping but never receiving

She gives herself to others to ease the pain

It doesn’t help

Grief and release

Dimensions become plain

They join there and love

A sacred dance

Souls entwined forever


Illusive and without form

But sexy as fuck

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5 thoughts on “A Poem of Sorts – reblog

  1. No pun intended, but this is kinda like the best ‘slam’ poetry. I can imagine someone on stage reading this out, and getting rapturous applause. As for the painting, I like your minimalist style, although I find it faintly disturbing that you would identify as the ‘cow’ in the composition. (This is, of course, if I’m interpreting the image and the caption correctly! Please do correct me if I have it wrong!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like the description of slam poetry!
      Yes I did identify with the cow unfortunately. I could imagine my DM calling me a stupid cow, now I’m putting words in his mouth but he did use other very descriptive words that I did not find offensive because I like his vulgarity. I’m strange maybe. It felt real that language.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah, I see! So, rather than a politeness that feels… hm, ‘forced’, the vulgarity felt more real, yes? That actually kinda makes sense to me… And maybe the ‘cow’ image need not be a negative one, now that I think about what you said. Cows are sacred in India after all. There’s that!

        Liked by 1 person

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