A Strange Kind of Love

Warning explicit sexual language and content 18+

Evergreen tree by Summerhill Lane

A Strange Kind of Love

Dear Reader(s)/Friend(s): 

Well I was at it again today – dancing in the park and hugging the trees. It was fun and I had my little dog, Gibson, with me to share in the experience although he was just interested in the stick, I was throwing him and not my dance steps. Ha. There was no one else around to witness my break down or break dance, just the bus driver who waved at me as he drove by. The nice thing about trees as dance partners is that one can move freely from one to another and no one gets upset or jealous. The hugging part is nice too because although they don’t literally hug back (I think they do actually) they don’t run away either. Of course, I was thinking of my Devine Masculine while I was hugging the trees and I allotted that occasion to think of him instead of all day long as I was doing before.

Clawdia and Gibson

While I was dancing in the park, I began to think about trauma bonding and what was it about my DM that got me hooked on him in the first place. I wanted to include here an excerpt from an unpublished erotic short story about our sexual experience together but I have changed my mind because you are sure to get the wrong impression of my Devine Masculine, that he is an animal and a beast. He is those things in a sense but I love that about him too. What I will say is that I was changed completely from that one sexual experience and it woke me up. A strange kind of love. Okay, changed my mind and here is a little bit of the afore mentioned story. There is a lot more to the story and to the experience but you get the idea so we will leave it alone.

They talked about general things for a few minutes but her mind was wondering ahead to when they would be alone behind closed doors.  He interrupted her thoughts by saying that she shouldn’t expect him to be smiling and friendly like he was at the moment but his demeanour was going to change and they would both have to take on their designated rolls, he was the master and she was the sex toy.  He obviously had played this role before with others, but it was all new to her.  She had agreed and was very willing but she didn’t really have a clue as to what to expect.  She was in for a surprise.

As soon as the door closed behind them the smile left his face and he became someone else, someone to be feared and obeyed.  She was only a tiny bit afraid and she would certainly obey him because what he was ordering her to do was something, she had wanted to do with him and for him since they had started texting. Forcing her down on her knees in front of him he pulled out his enormous cock and ordered her to get it nice and wet by licking it and she was also to lick and fondle his balls until he was satisfied that his erection had reached its full potential.  Grabbing two hand holds of her short blond hair for leverage, he rammed his cock to the back of her throat. He did this over and over until she was gaging and choking.  This was her first experience with face fucking. 

This experience got me started crying, then sobbing, then dredging up and reliving and releasing past hurts and wounds.  I discovered there was much to cry about.   I won’t share it now because it is not time, but I hope that maybe later my stories will help others who have gone through and are going through similar things. 

What I want to say is that this strange kind of love that my DM and I share has saved my life.  I am forever grateful to him for his audacity.

Very Sincerely and with Love, Summerhill Lane

a link and a shout out to a very dear soul sister and friend who has been so helpful and encouraging to me and many others with her humour and directness. Thank you Emmerson 36911 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuqSp34Cb-o

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2 thoughts on “A Strange Kind of Love

  1. It’s interesting the places life will take us, isn’t it, Summerhill? It sounds as though you’ve had some wonderful things mixed in with the not-so-wonderful, and now you’re able to sieve out the stuff that nourishes you now. I should try hugging trees actually. I seriously think that could help me right now. (Also, your tree is exquisite in its ‘layeredness’. Not even sure if ‘layeredness’ is a word, but there you go.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes tree hugging and dancing in the park- although on the surface of things sounds and looks absurd, really is quite good for the soul and so soothing. Thank you for liking my tree and it’s many layers and I like your word ‘layeredness’.

      Liked by 2 people

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