Freedom Synthesis and Creativity

Posing for his portrait by Summerhill Lane

Freedom, Synthesis, and Creativity

Dear Reader(s)/Friend(s):

Today was a very strange day and I have felt in a daze like I was awake but sleep walking.  Maybe it has something to do with planets aligning, Mercury retrograde or something, I don’t know anything about such things though.

I feel that this blog is going to be short because I can’t focus and I don’t have any erotic stories or poems to share at the moment.  Has my creative well run dry? Do I need pain and sorrow to create?  The thought has crossed my mind.  Believe me there are many painful and sorrowful things and events from the past that I could dredge up and look at again that would start the tears flowing, but don’t feel like going there today. 

I have even stopped grieving and crying for my Divine Masculine because we are not coming together in union yet.  The love and passion for him is strong but the pain has stopped.  What a relief.  He sent me a text this morning (like one friend to another) to say he was quite sick and is taking antibiotics and has to use a puffer to breathe.  This concerns me but I know that he will be okay in awhile. 

My niece phoned me today and was crying her eyes out about a boy and how he was not treating her very well and how she felt so unloved.  I gave her the same counsel I have been giving myself lately, love yourself more and love the boys less.  Take care of your needs like you were and are the most precious thing in the universe because this is true.  You are precious and beautiful and creative and a star.  Like me she has been looking for love outside of herself, someone to complete her.  I hope she and I will follow this advise.

Thank you for listening to my little blurb or blog and I hope you enjoy the artwork and that at least it is worth the price of admission.  One of my fellow bloggers and friend made that comment and I just loved that he said that about my art.  Thank you, Tony Single.

Very Sincerely and with Love, Summerhill Lane

Sending love to Emmerson 36911 and thank you for being you and being there

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5 thoughts on “Freedom Synthesis and Creativity

  1. Your artwork really is worth the price of admission alone. Of course, you bring so many other things to the table, Summerhill, but your art has a minimalist quality to it that I quite admire (and have been unable to achieve in my own art). I hope I get to see more of your art! And perhaps your well hasn’t run dry… Perhaps you don’t even need just pain to inform what you produce… Perhaps it’s everything. It’s pain, joy, sensuality, goofiness, simplicity, complexity, beauty… Everything! It’s all life. It’s all that you experience, day in and day out. 🙂

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      1. Love your work and your chats kind of reminds me of the commentary on the Siendfeld comedy show. I spelled that wrong. But very fluid banter and interesting and informative but could be about next to nothing. So very cool.

        Liked by 1 person

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