Opening Up and Laying Bare

the flowers of her life by Summerhill Lane

Opening Up and Laying Bare

Hello dear readers, friends and loved ones, actually to me if you are reading these words then you are my loved ones.  This is Summerhill Lane and this is my blog.

I decided today to take a little break from the erotic short story Slut Diaries, and tell you all a little bit about myself and what has been happening in my relationship with my Devine Masculine.  He is ever present in my mind and heart but I am trying to stop thinking about him so much and relax and enjoy my life.  He obviously doesn’t want to be part of my world or he would talk to me and tell me what’s going on with him and why he has been so distant.  A real conversation is all I’m asking for preferably in person or even over the phone, but this texting bullshit is driving me crazy.  Just little bits of this or that which I have to decipher and translate. 

“No, I don’t ever want you gone!  You are very special!

This is what he said to me quite a few days ago, then complete silence and distance and a withdrawal of his energy.  He is gone. 

There are two other men who I have been connected with in a sexual way, (shame on me, or not really), but I have decided to cut these two out of my life.  They are in effect cut out because I haven’t seen either of them in months.  One person in particular I really like and he makes me feel loved and we have a good repour and he is still messaging me and wants me.  I feel like caving and going to see him again.  I really don’t know what I should do.  Is this a test?  Am I supposed to stay pure and virginal while waiting for my Devine Masculine to finally want to be with me?  I may be waiting the rest of my life.

These are just the troubling thoughts going through my mind today and sorry to bore you with this nonsense. 

Very sincerely and with love, Summerhill Lane

Here is a link to a very dear friend and soul sister Emmerson 36911

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5 thoughts on “Opening Up and Laying Bare

  1. I wonder what ‘pure’ and ‘virginal’ really means anyway. While it’s a romantic idea that one would ‘save’ oneself for someone else, who does that idea really serve? It feels to me like you have needs, just like any other red blooded human being on the planet. There ought to be no shame in you seeing to that on your own terms, whatever you decide those to be, Summerhill. Remember, you are also a flower in your own life, and you deserve to be tended to as well!

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