Dancing in the park and hugging the trees

she loved to hug trees by Summerhill Lane

Dancing in the park and hugging the trees

Dear loved ones,

Well I was at it again, dancing in the park and hugging the trees.  The song I was listening to with my iphone spotify account was Wait a Minute by Willow Smith.  Beautiful song and so danceable and reminds me of a twin flame connection (maybe that’s why I like it so much). 

The above is a link to a music video and of course all the people in the video are very young and I am not.  But it matters not.  I feel like a nymph and a sprite frolicking in the woods on a spring day, although it is the middle of winter here in Canada. 

I am so impulsive and I sent my DM a text message telling him about my tree hugging (I told him about it once before).  Do I have no shame or care that I am embarrassing myself yet again?  Obviously not.   I was hugging the trees and, in this way, hugging him, it was the best I could do to feel him.  Also said, I hoped he wouldn’t think I was too weird.   

 I wish there was a delete button for text messages or one that gives you a 5 second pause before it is actually sent and asks “are you sure you want to say this?”. 

It has crossed my mind that indeed this twin flame journey has turned me into a blabber mouth.  I used to hold back and only speak when spoken to.  Something my mother used to say to us kids all the time, “children should be seen and not heard”.  I’m not a child anymore mother, and I can speak my mind if and when I want to.  But maybe a little bit more caution would be appropriate.  My DM will be sure to stay away longer because his match is out of her mind. 

Thank you all for listening and reading my blog today.  Sorry it is about nothing of importance but I do hope you like the painting at the beginning.  I think I will add another one right here at the bottom, a pleasure for your eyes (I hope).

Sincerely and with love, Summerhill Lane

A shout out to my dear soul sister Emmerson 36911 and here is a link to one of her utube videos. 

Pink Yellow Birch by Summerhill Lane

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5 thoughts on “Dancing in the park and hugging the trees

  1. TWO paintings in one post? Yes! And I quite frankly love the thought of you frolicking about hugging trees (and I haven’t even seen what you properly look like, so that’s saying something!). Never stop being you, and never apologise for it! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve just realised how that last sentence could read… Erm, I meant that we could all learn to do ourselves. To be ourselves.

        Okay, I’m going to stop there before I dig a deeper hole. (Insert facepalm emoticon here.)

        Liked by 1 person

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