Just Kill Me Now – a re-blog

Just kill me now by Summerhill Lane

Warning sexual language and content 18+

Dear loved ones, hello,

I just thought to re-blog this poem I wrote some time ago when I was all up in my emotions and needing and wanting my Devine Masculine to phone me and text me every day, constantly, and if he didn’t I was devastated. It is very embarrassing now that I think about it, all the pleading and crying I inflicted on DM, no wonder he ran away!! It is funny really to see myself like that again. You will understand when you read the poem.

Love you all very much, Summerhill Lane

Just Kill Me Now

Is it possible to die of suppression of passion

She never used to think so

Since meeting him she is starting to believe so

She wants

She needs

She cries

She pleads

He’s there

She’s here

He is unavailable and completely unpredictable

She is wet and needy

He is hard and busy

Why does it hurt so much she wonders

She thinks of his cock in her mouth in her ass and in her deepest places

His lips and kisses

His hands and fingers

All of him she needs and misses

His voice is intoxicating like velvet on her tender places

No call

A stab

No text

A jab

Just kill me now

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3 thoughts on “Just Kill Me Now – a re-blog

    1. Thank you for liking my poem and remembering it. Yes I was (and still am) very passionate and I was viewing the non communication as him abandoning me. My past stuff to work on. The painting is me remembering (from a dream) how I looked 200 years ago. I probably was abandoned then too. Appreciate you and what you have to say very much.

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