Hovering Above the Earth

baking in the blue by Summerhill Lane

Hovering Above the Earth

Dear loved ones, I hope you are not scared away from my blog and from my person because of the above title.  It is okay if you want to just skip this one and check in again tomorrow.  Maybe there will be something more erotic and sexier to read, or something that catches your interest.

I have been thinking of my DM and how he appears gone from my body (he resided in my sacral chakra and made me wet), gone from my apatite for writing erotica (was I only channeling him), gone from my text messages back and forth (mostly from me and I have stopped sending and he never initiates), gone from my tear ducts (I have stopped crying for him and am only crying for myself now), gone from my prayers (no that is not true as I just prayed and sent him and many others unconditional love).

I hovered above the earth today and visioned (is that a word?) vibrating healing blue light pulsating over the planet.  I zeroed in on continents: Australia where my dear soul tribe live and I wanted them extra healed and protected, Europe, Canada, United States got an extra dose of the good stuff for friends and family, Asia, Middle Eastern places where there is war and terrible conditions and we don’t know the half of it, they need the blue light more than most. 

I did not want to miss any place or any person so hovered there for a very long time above the dome (or was it flat below me, maybe?).  I must confess that DM was baking in the blue as well as one other person that shall remain nameless (slut). 

This visualization has exhausted me to the max but am also feeling very sexy and horny but not needy or clingy.  A perfect sensation. 

Thank you for reading, if you got to the finish.  I hope you like the painting at the top too.  Love you all very much, Summerhill Lane

Much love to Emmerson 36911 who is the bomb.

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