Hot wife Files

play with my strings by Summerhill Lane

Hot Wife Files

Warning sexual language and content 18+

The young man followed her home from the bar.  He was a little bit drunk and definitely very horny.  She had promised him a good time.

Be quiet, she said, don’t make too much noise. 

She was sexy and rather sweet looking like a slutty angel.  He couldn’t wait to get into her pants and see what was smoking down there.

No kissing please, these are my rules.  He didn’t care about kissing anyway so no sweat. 

She was definitely a slut but an angelic one.  He was hypnotized by her eyes as they looked into his soul and caused his cock to stiffen and rise.

She removed item by item of her clothing and dropped them casually on the floor leaving a trail of bread crumbs for him to follow.  By the time he reached her bed and begun pulling off his attire as best he could in his drunken condition, she was laying back with her legs spread wide.  This hurried him up and he couldn’t get his cock out of his pants fast enough.

There would be no foreplay, that had all been done before they left the bar.  Dancing, slutty dancing, with his hands roaming freely over her body and she pressing her cunt into his hardness.  Her cunt was hot and slick and sucked him in whole, it devoured him.  The sensation it caused him had no words only disjointed syllables…ah.. eee… ug…

Holy mother of Christ what was that, as the legs of a wooden chair was scraped across the wooden floor. He turned his head in the direction of the sound and saw a large muscular man sitting on said chair with his chin in his hands looking intently towards him. He pulled out making a pop and sucking sound like the seal of a tight-fitting lid on a bottle of bubbly had been broken. Where the fuck were all his clothes. He gathered as many as he could see and ran out of the room with them bundled to his chest as a shield and a protection.

You scared the shit out of him and you promised you wouldn’t do that again. 

I was getting a wee bit jealous and my cock was also getting a wee bit hard.  Here let me finish what he started.  Moving gracefully into position between her legs, his cock touched her wet entrance.  Let me kiss you first my darling hot wife and seal this deal the way it should be.  Then you are going to get your cute ass slapped a few times because you are a very bad wife. 

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7 thoughts on “Hot wife Files

  1. I love the humour of this one, Summerhill, especially the ‘pop and sucking sound’ line. I got quite a vivid picture in my mind at that point! This reads like a cheeky, sexy romp, and that is fabulous! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And I also like your painting here. Nice use of colours here. This too feels quite playful, and is a departure from the tone of some of your other images (not that there’s anything wrong with either tone). I really admire your abstract approach to figures and objects. It serves you well!

      Liked by 2 people

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