My Life as a Portrait

flowers in her hair and beauty in her heart by Summerhill Lane

My Life as a Portrait

Dear loved ones.  I haven’t posted a blog in a few days, not because I didn’t want to or need to (it is a way to unburden myself and clear my air and maybe make sense of things), it is only because my DM has messaged me (and only because I said hi to him first) and again the strong pangs of love and attachment for him are still present with me.  I thought I had finally calmed down and was at peace with this being a non-relationship.  I don’t want to say too much here right now on this page because I have to think, and also DM has the link to this blog and can practically read along with me as I type. 

Instead today I wanted to focus on art and especially portraiture. I love painting and drawing people’s faces and expressions.  Sometimes the finished product looks like a caricature but I do not mean it to be.  My aim was to capture the energy and life force. 

You will find an example of a painting of my youngest daughter at the beginning of this blog titled “Flowers in her hair and beauty in her heart”.  She loved the piece so I gave it to her for a birthday present one year and she has it hanging in a special place on the walls of her (our) apartment next to lots of other paintings, hers and mine.  Our place is a virtual art gallery. 

My most recent portraits have been of my DM (divine masculine) as I have been obsessed with his face and his eyes and a few more of his other attributes. (smiley face). I will include one or two of these paintings here for your perusal.  

Today in the mail I got a slip from the post office telling me that I have a parcel to pick up and I couldn’t for the life of me remember what I had ordered.  Then I remembered, of course, it is the prints of some of my paintings from an online photography store.  I am excited to see them.  I hope that they capture the clarity and colour of the original.  It has been my plan to offer prints of my art for a small donation to anyone who would like one.  My gallery page is still not set up properly so will need to get that going.  I procrastinate because I don’t know what I am doing and I am better at being an artist than being a computer technician. 

This is all I have for you (and for me) today.  I hope you will stay with me on this journey because I really appreciate you all very much.  The likes and comments really help me feel connected and supported and I also hope that in some small way what I have to say does help someone else too.  Love you all very much, hugs & kisses, Summerhill Lane  

raw emotion, his and mine by Summerhill Lane

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4 thoughts on “My Life as a Portrait

  1. I think your erotica is terrific, but I really love these posts most of all, Summerhill. Especially when your artwork is front and centre. Like you, I am obsessed with faces. Eyes are my favourite thing to draw. Looking at your efforts here on this blog makes me want to experiment with paint more. I lack the confidence, but I think perhaps I should just put that aside and go for it. Thank you for the inspiration!

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  2. You will be surprised how much more you get to know someone by doing their portrait. It is if their soul is on display for you to capture and appreciate. Photographs very rarely do this.
    Love to you ❤️


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