No, I Will Not Be Quiet and Suffer in Silence

no I will not be quiet said the bird by Summerhill Lane

No, I Will not Be Quiet and Suffer in Silence

Dear loved ones, I was going to be quiet for a few days and not talk about what has been happening with my Divine Masculine and me.  One reason being, he has access to this blog and can read every word I write.  Fear was keeping me quiet.  Fear of him not liking me when he reads what I have written.

Well I am done with being afraid.  I have been afraid practically my whole life up until recently.  Fear had kept me in a cult religion for longer than I should have been.  Fear had bound me to a narcissistic abusive husband way past the expiry date for that fiasco. So, I will not let fear dictate any longer.  Divine Masculine be prepared to “read all about it”, and you can hate me and disappear from my life or you can love me and stay with me.  Your choice.  Regardless my desire to talk and share with all of you has been burning a hole in my heart.

I know that it may be forbidden for a DF (divine feminine) to contact her DM.  Her job is to let him alone and give him space and stop chasing him.  Give him a break from her energy.  Let him decide on his own whether he wants to be with her or not.  Free will.  But, as per my usual impulsive way, I sent him a one-word text message.  All I said was hi, actually said “hi baby”.  He messaged me right away, which is very unusual since he most often just ignores my good morning messages, or my, hi beautiful husband messages, but this day he answered right away and told me that he had been dreaming of us.  He wanted to come and visit me this week because he was coming into the city.  There were conditions on this visit with me.  If, you haven’t had another cock, maybe I will see you.  The maybe part was dependent on the if part. 

Normally this type of message would have gotten me excited because I really do miss him and want to see his face, look into his eyes, put my arms around him, kiss his sultry lips etc. etc. and, if I must say, have hot steamy sex with him.  But I knew that none of that was going to happen.  He had given himself an out, an escape clause.  He is not ready to see me.  He wants me to be stuck on him and him alone.  He doesn’t want me now, but neither does he want anyone else to have me. 

I am sending him unconditional love. 

I would like to have love with a few conditions though.  Spend some time with me, have a real conversation about whatever as long as it is true, run and play like children, eat ice-cream, go dancing in the park or at a club or in my kitchen, laugh our heads off, be ourselves with no pretenses, grow old together and always in awe of each other. 

Thank you for reading to the end.  I love you all very much, hugs & kisses, Summerhill Lane

A shout out to a beautiful woman who is the bomb. Emmerson 36911

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