A Slut’s Resume

a slut’s resume by Summerhill Lane

Warning language may be offensive to some 18+

A Slut’s Resume

I’m a slut

I’m a whore

I’m a sub down on my knees

Cum sucker

Cock licker


I’m an angel

I’m a saint

I’m a love you sincerely

Kiss you dearly

Never fear me


I’m a healer

And a believer

Feel your pain

Know the same

Mask my shame


I’m a truth teller

Sometimes liar

Will not spare you

Or deceive you

This book is open for inspection

Take a look in my direction

I’m a slut

I’m a whore

I’m a sub down on my knees

Cum sucker

Cock licker


Published by summerhilllane

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7 thoughts on “A Slut’s Resume

  1. The word “slut” has too much of a negative connotation, and is quite demeaning to women. I am yet to see the male equivalent of the word “slut”. Why should women be selectively shamed for doing something which a man also does? One can only blame “patriarchy”

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    1. Thank you for your comments. I know the word slut has a demeaning connotation now but I want to change that meaning. I was called a slut and a whore for many years by my ex husband and I was practically a saint and and angel, so I am naming myself slut and it is a term of endearment for a person who gives lovingly of themselves. Does that make sense? A man is also called a slut.


      1. Well, you seem to be playing into the hands of patriarchy.
        When you did no wrong, you should not be called a slut by anybody. Even you should not punish yourself unnecessarily by calling yourself as such.
        Love is good. Love makes us care for our loved ones. But love is neither weakness nor a licence for self flagellation without crime. Self respect is equally important.
        And as long as men who fool around with multiple women can be called sluts and shamed, I believe we would take a step towards gender equality.
        Punish everybody or punish nobody. Simple.

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