Hot Wife Files 2 – the other woman

sailing into unknow territory by Summerhill Lane

Hot Wife Files 2 – the other woman

Warning language and content may be offensive to some 18+

Scene 1 the telephone:

Oh, hello Angelica, how are you today and what are you doing on such a fine hot and sunny day?  I hope you are not just laying around doing nothing like I am.

Angelica: Well, actually that is exactly what I am doing – nothing and I’m so bored and it is so hot.

Why don’t you come over to my place and we can swim in the pool and lay in the sun and get an all over tan.  It is completely private here and my husband is not home right now so we will be alone.  I can fix us some cocktails to have while we are enjoying our tanning session.  Do you like Mud Slides or Margaritas?

Angelica: I love Mud Slides, I’m not a big drinker but they taste just like dessert and help me relax and be myself.

Yes, I’m not a big drinker either but today I want to just relax and discover and explore my deepest darkest secrets.  It will be wonderful to talk to you as you are such a beautiful woman and I enjoy your company.

Scene 2 the pool

Angelica: Thank you for inviting me over, this is so much fun just being in the water with no bathing suit and enjoying the sensation on my naked self.  I love to be naked and would gladly throw all my clothes away if it were socially acceptable. 

I also love to be naked but to tell you the truth this is the first time I have been naked in front of a woman (except for my mother of course when I was a child), but a woman that I am attracted to sexually.  I have never explored that part of my nature, my bi-sexual nature.  Come, let’s lay ourselves down on the lounge chairs and get some sun and heat on that beautiful body of yours. 

Scene 3 the lounge chairs

Angelica: (after her second Mud Slide and starting on her third) I need to confess that I really like your husband, I mean I am sexually attracted to him.  What I like about him, and I hope you don’t mind me saying this to you, is that he is so into you.  It is very obvious how much he loves you and drools over you.  I just wish someone would love me like that.  Also, if we are being honest here, I am very attracted to you sexually and as a friend too.  You are gorgeous and very very sexy and sweet too.

I don’t mind you saying you are attracted to my husband Angelica, as I am sure most women he meets are.  He is to die for and I am so lucky.  If we are telling only truth here today, I wanted to say that one of the reasons I invited you over was because I like you and I wanted to explore, if you were willing, and have you teach me how to be with you in a sexual and loving way.

Scene 4 the bedroom

Narrator: the two women lay spread out on the bed side by side but not touching and giggled a little.  Nervous energy combined with the 6 (beer bottle size) drinks could account for the hilarity of the situation.  The smiles and chuckles faded when Angelica leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips.  So soft and smooth and eager to please.    

I’m very wet.

Angelica: Yes, so am I.  May I? and she slide down the bed and positioned her mouth to taste and to tease and to suck. 

Narrator:  While the two women were enjoying themselves and being sexy sloppy with each other in the bedroom, the divine masculine walks in the front door calling out:

 “hi beautiful, I’m home and are you ready to please your man because I have been rock hard all day just thinking about what I want to do to you when I get home”. 

His beautiful hot wife did not respond and come running to greet him as was her custom and her want, always ready to drop to her knees and open her mouth and greedily lick and suck on his cock and relieve him of the tensions of the day. 

This day the only sound he could hear was women’s moans and groans coming from his bedroom, their bedroom.  Instantaneously his erection tripled in size (if that is possible) at those glorious tones and his lips curved and his teeth showed as he smiled and laughed just a little to himself and it wasn’t even his birthday.

To be continued……..

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9 thoughts on “Hot Wife Files 2 – the other woman

      1. I’m laughing too. Fiction is such an awesome thing! By the way, your art is wonderful as always. Have you ever thought about putting on an exhibition of your work? It would look fantastic in a gallery…

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