Hot Wife Files 3 – Meltdown

three boats at bay by Summerhill Lane

Hot Wife Files 3 – Meltdown

Warning language and content may be offensive to some 18+

Narrator: While our divine masculine was busy showering in the bathroom making himself clean and presentable for the two lovely ladies currently having their way with each other on his bed, said ladies were slowing down the action a tad and catching their breath. 

Oh, Angelica you are so wonderful and beautiful and I feel so relaxed and at peace with myself.  I feel like I might be a bi-sexual now.  But I wonder if it is just you I like and not any other women.  I do not crave after cunt in general but only your cunt.

Angelica:  That may be true but I will introduce you to my girlfriend, who I think you will like because I know for sure she will just love you.  You are like a sweet drink with a kick at the end. 

I am really scared because I heard my beautiful husband arrive home from work and I bet you right now he is showering and getting ready to make an appearance in the bedroom.  Having two women to fuck (me and another beautiful one) has been a fantasy of his for a long time and he is going to be in heaven. 

Angelica:   So why are you scared of this.  He loves you to the moon and you are just giving him a gift.  The gift is me.  And you know I will be good to him and also I will not try and steal him away from you.

Narrator:  Our divine masculine opens the door to his bedroom and stands posing his beautiful muscular body with a full erection and a grin from ear to ear, for the benefit of the women present.  He was smoking hot and horny and ready for action.  He drooled looking at his hot wife and mouthed “thank you” under his breath, then drooled even more when he focused on Angelica.  The hot wife saw that lusty look and a twinge of jealousy crawled over her.

Narrator:  The divine masculine kissed his wife on the lips and looked into her eyes his gratitude, then immediately turned towards Angelica.  He could not contain the passion he was feeling for this woman who was not his wife, his divine feminine. 

The hot wife prayed: please god let me stay calm, let me stay aloof, let me not interfere and make a scene.  Let me show him my love by giving him this gift.  Help me please because this is very hard!  Tears escaped and wet her lashes and one tiny one rolled down her right cheek.  No one else noticed as they were too busy fucking each other.

To be continued…..

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      1. Gotcha
        Enjoy it later
        I will just write another chapter
        I am pretty sure you will enjoy
        You sexy horny nun

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