Hot Wife Files 4 – divine intervention

cloud comes cloud disappears by Summerhill Lane

Warning sexual language and content 18+

Hot Wife Files 4 – divine intervention

Narrator: our hot wife only allowed one tear to escape as she began to lecture herself.

 That is enough of that, stop all that nonsense, why are you crying and carrying on like a spoiled brat, look at who you are in bed with (it just dawned on her that she was about to have a threesome with her stunningly beautiful, love of her life, twin flame, soulmate, divine masculine, and her new best friend and equally beautiful, the sexy and vivacious Angelica!  She was so very lucky. 

Now how would our hot wife delicately insert herself into the mix.  Angelica and the divine masculine may as well have been on their own in his bed, they were so caught up in each other, but our hot wife was not deterred or angered or jealous any longer. 

She quietly left the bed and the room and gave them their privacy.

Some self soothing was what was needed and called for and she actually cried out to her higher self to lift her out of this negative thinking. 

Please creator, higher self, angels, guardians, ancestors, all those that will not harm me or cause harm through me, please be with me and hear me.  Let me experience total bliss at my own hands so that I will not crave another.

With her prayer ended and laying herself down on the oversized living room couch, she placed the vibrating black dildo (which she had grabbed on her exit from the bedroom) at the entrance to her engorged and wet cunt lips.  She flipped the switch. She teased herself and let the tip of the cock pleasure her clit.  Oh, she could come easily just like this but that would not be an answer to her prayer. 

Using a form of self hypnosis and visualization she traveled to a higher realm and met her lover there.  He was always there waiting for her and loving her and her alone. 

Divine Masculine: oh, my beautiful lover, soulmate from many lifetimes, come to me and let me comfort you and fill you with sensual pleasure.  You will scream and your body will ache and arch and vibrate with my cock and my intense desire for you. You are the only one that matters to me in this life and in the next ones to come. 

Narrator:  true to his word, our hot wife was screaming and crying and vibrating and lifting right off the couch cushions so intense was the experience and the sexual union with her divine masculine.

The two in the other room noticed when our hot wife left the bed, and they slowed themselves down to a stall.  Their passion for each other subsided having been spent.  They felt a little guilty not to have included the one that they both loved, the glue, the main event.  Where the hell was she?  Then they heard her passionate screaming and moaning coming from the living room.

What the fuck!!!  Did she invite her Bull over?  Was the first thought entering DM’s mind. 

The End

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8 thoughts on “Hot Wife Files 4 – divine intervention

  1. Very Hot 🥵!!!!
    Engorged and wet cunt lips are the most divine.
    Good job with the dildo, but a tongue would have been nice to lick up that orgasm

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for following along and visualizing. I think the hot wife was really angry and disappointed in the two making out in her bed and was saying fuck you , in her mind of course, I’ll have my own fun. I couldn’t take my feelings out of it so came up with an alternative. 😊❤️

      Liked by 2 people

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