This Twin Flame Journey Sucks

we are mirroring each other by Summerhill Lane

Warning language and content my offend some 18+

This Twin Flame Journey Sucks

Dear loved ones, I have been wracking my brain and my heart trying to come up with something special for my blog that is loving and inspiring and funny and joyful and sexy and sensual and maybe even shocking.  But all I want to talk about is my divine masculine and how he is not waking up and stepping up. 

I feel like a horny nun with no outlet for her wanton sexual desires but prayer and penance and scrubbing the tiled floors on her knees with a toothbrush.  How did I change back into this person? 

The sexual energy between DM and myself is incredibly strong, undeniable and persistent.  Mostly at night he pulls at me energetically so that my body goes into spasms and jumps and this wakes me up and keeps me awake.  I crave his touch, his cock, his kisses and caresses.  He knows he can do this to me and it sucks but not the right kind of sucking (smiley face).

 I am a complete mess.   

Why can’t I just shut up and leave him alone and let him be on his own journey? Just have sex with whoever, and get on with my own life and be happy on my own?  I have tried to free myself from him but seems impossible because he is my twin.  Wherever I am there he is. 

This journey with him has been going on for 9 months now and seems exactly the same as at the beginning.  He promises, promises, promises and then nothing.  Be patient and wait.  The only change is, he at first asked me to amuse myself with others because he knows how sexual I am, now he asks me not see anyone else.

He has pushed me to my limits and I want to scream!!!!

Maybe this has been a test again to rid and heal myself from all my wounding, and there have been very many.  It is a wonder that I have survived at all.  My light was so dim before and I think it is shinning brighter now because of this journey and with the aid of my divine masculine and my soulmate (we share a life together on another plane and I’m sure of this), and my soul tribe.  So, this part of the journey doesn’t suck.

I am attaching here a poem I wrote some time ago called “Baby I Love You”.  I hope you like it.  You can plainly see the pattern au nauseum.

Thank you for listening and reading my blabbing.  I love you all very much and I really do mean this.  Summerhill Lane

Baby I Love You

Baby I love you, I’m in love with you

Enjoy the feeling

Baby I need you, I’m wet with desire

Wait and be patient we will see each other soon

Baby I’m lonely for you, this is so hard

I’m working every day.  You have my permission to fuck around as long as you tell me about it

Baby I crave you and can hardly stand it

Next week we will meet

Baby you have left me too long

Soon slut wife

Baby I forget how your cock feels in me

We are going to take this to the next level

Baby you must not care for me anymore you never see me

It’s a game, play my game.  Do as I ask then we will see each other

Baby I can’t feel you anymore and I’m empty and desolate

Go fuck and give me details

Baby I need your love and your cock

We will meet next week

Baby… baby …. baby ….. baby

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14 thoughts on “This Twin Flame Journey Sucks

  1. Hope you don’t punish yourself for an illusory “divine” which enjoys sacrifice but offers nothing in return.
    As for sex, it’s hard to get it the way you prefer. But not impossible. Some really “divine” person will definitely listen to your demands or preferences and fulfil them..

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  2. That is a fantastic image, Summerhill! Looking at it is quite moving actually. (I hope that doesn’t sound over-the-top but it’s taken me off guard in a good way.) As for the poem, the longing is palpable. I hope he doesn’t keep you hanging in the wind though… 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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