Laughing Gas and out of body

mind fucked by Summerhill Lane

Warning language and content may be offensive to some 18+

Laughing Gas and out of body

Dear loved ones, yesterday I went to the dentist.  Ugh!  Oh yes, terrible stuff but very necessary.  I broke a tooth quite awhile ago and it was starting to bother me and was becoming painful.  You may wonder why I didn’t see a dentist right away? 

Three reasons, I didn’t have a dentist here in Toronto, I no longer had insurance coverage (my ex took that benefit away from me even though he could have kept me on his policy with no cost to himself, but I understand), and thirdly, I hate going to the dentist.  Poor dentists get a bad rap because well, who likes going to see them?

I was offered laughing gas to ease me through the procedure and I gladly accepted even though it would cost an extra $140. I never had laughing gas before and why I didn’t, I don’t know, because it is wonderful.

I have had many experiences with out of body, but these are under my control and include deep concentration and visualization. I have to work for those and expend energy.  This was different and so much better. 

Dentist: As she placed a nozzle over my nose:  you will feel your body relaxing and maybe tingling a bit.  You may feel a little bit drunk like you have had a couple of matinees.  As she inserts the long needles into my gums and pushes in the freezing fluid.  My mouth is wide open now with a wedge inserted to keep it open, then a rubber dam to keep liquid and tooth debris from choking me, then a drill and metal tools and gloved fingers.  You can see the scene?  Damn, get me out of here fast.  Come on laughing gas make me drunk!

Divine Masculine: “Summerhill focus on my voice, focus on me, that’s right, good girl, cum to me.  You are with me now and we are finally going to have that conversation you have been pestering me for”. 

How do I know this is really you here and we are talking and I am not just making this up?  Just voices in my head?

 With that an orgasm hit me hard and my body jumped.

Dentist: Are you okay, did I hurt you?  Can you feel this? (she must have poked me with a metal tool, but I felt nothing).  I was upset that she sucked me back down and into that god-awful dentist chair.

Divine Masculine: “Focus on my voice Summerhill, that is right, I’m right here with you and I won’t leave you and will talk you through this.  First, I want to tell you that I love you very much and have from the first moment I laid eyes on you.  You are exquisite.  I am sorry I haven’t told you how I really feel.  Don’t cave Summerhill.  Don’t cave and let your desire for cock take you to a stranger’s bed.  Stick with me.  We are together in this and it is true I have been testing you.  We will have our adventure together.  It is the plan we made at the beginning and it is still the plan.”

Please tell me something that I don’t know about you that would help me make sense of all this hot and cold, on and off pattern of yours?

DM: “I am very shy”.

Dentist: Not much longer Summerhill, are you still okay?  Again, she dragged me back to the pit.

DM: “focus Summerhill”.  Good girl.  We will have our adventure together and there will be others with us, but you and I will be solid, a team.  Do you understand?

Someone else was holding my hand and stroking it and saying soothing words of love.  I recognized him from another life-time, another existence on another plane.  The love was strong and very comforting.  I too am with you Summerhill and you will feel my love always. 

From my left ear: I’m a mind fucker, I have mind fucked you.  You have been mind fucked.  It has all been a game and you have been mind fucked Summerhill!!!!

DM: “That is not me, don’t listen to that, I would never fuck with your mind and my love is true and my cock is hard and my passion for you is burning forever”.

Give me a sign that all this is real, and that we have just talked and I am not just making this up because it is what I want to hear you say.  I have been pleading with you since the beginning to just have a real conversation with me and tell me the truth”.

DM: “Okay, the first number you are going to see when you exit this building will be 593 or variations of that number.  Also 53, or 35.  Understand?  Good girl, you got through this and wasn’t it easy this time?  Fucking you baby and always with my big hard cock.”

Dentist: We are all done now and I have just turned off the gas.  Just breathe the oxygen and relax.  You got through that with flying colours.

Back in the chair I fell with a little bang and my DM gave me another delicious orgasm to ease the landing.  Orgasming is a wonderful pain reliever.  Thank you divine masculine for being so thoughtful.

True to his word the first number I saw when I was phoning for an Uber to take me home was:  you will arrive at your destination at 5:39pm.  Number of emails waiting to be read: 35; License plate of Uber: 531; (there was another 53 number but can’t recall – maybe a passing vehicle). 

It was confirmed and all true. 

Thank you for reading my blog today and coming with me on this out of body.  Now I look forward to my next trip to the dentist on April 16th, and who knows where I will travel and who I will see.  Maybe you.  Love you all very much, hugs and kisses. Summerhill Lane

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13 thoughts on “Laughing Gas and out of body

  1. Well, I kind of chuckled post reading this post of yours (I mean no offense though, sometimes a visit to the dentist can be painful)
    You might be mistaking the DM for your “Queen in the Shining Armour”.. Time for a slight retrospection, maybe??

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The version of yourself who is calmly empowering and reassuring you is the one that needs to go aggressive this time.. She has a big job to do – to make you Excel..!!
        Talking to wise people for expert advice isn’t bad.. 😉👑👸⚔️

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I know nuns have always had issues had the dentist 🦷
    The laughing gas makes them incredibly horny, some have been known to need an extra stiff sedative 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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