You are not getting any more of my time

you are not getting any more of my time by Summerhill Lane

You are not getting any more of my time

Ode to a narcissistic husband

You chased me

I let you in

You smothered me in kisses

Now you just smother me

You took me round and showed me off

Now you have barred the door

You praised my cooking

Now you think I poison your food

You admired my art

Now you think it is all shit

You used to like my style

Now I’m always critiqued and found wanting

You liked my natural ways and gentleness

Now you call me slut and whore

I helped you when you were down or sick

You punished me for same

You gave of your darkness

I gave of my light

You wasted my time

And I allowed it


You are not getting any more of it

Your time is up

Even this poem is a waste of breath

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21 thoughts on “You are not getting any more of my time

  1. A powerful poem full of resolve (and the clarity of hindsight). I thought the man in your painting was holding a harmonica, and then I realised it was a remote control! I am a bit slow on the uptake sometimes. 😛

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  2. Thank you so much for visiting my site! This artwork is amazing, as is the strength in this poem! That is absolutely unacceptable partnership behaviour on your husband’s part! This is a lot of light shining here! 💛

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      1. I am so glad to hear it the light is not crushed anymore. I see it glowing there alive and well through that lamp on the table too (if I understand it right). I am very sincere about the art. The controlling character exudes smallness, menace, meanness; while the entire painting and the strokes with which it is executed is/are filled with light. It’s a true masterpiece, especially when illustrated further by the poem. I look at a lot of art. What you’ve done here is meaningful, admirable, and inspiring.

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      2. My heart is overflowing thank you for your apt understanding. I did this painting from life and I did catch his character. It was all he was displaying for me anyway. The remote control was in his hand and it represented how he controlled me too. The lamp was there and shining anyway. Love to you ❤️

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      3. I could really go on and on… this piece just resonates. There is something else, besides the smallness and meanness and menace… there is also the envelope of love with which he is painted. The blue and violet tones, which seem to represent the most spiritual levels of the chakras, like perhaps at one point he represented god or something else divine, for you. He is painted with beautiful shapes and colours, yes, but then, there is this almost T-rex like abstraction to the form of the body, which subtly adds to the sense of menace. And the greenish tint at the edges of the face, which is perhaps watercolor bleed from the blue into the skin tone, but perfectly represents a kind of toxicity, I feel. And then the patterns and plays with colour and light in the background… Well, as you can see I really, really do think this work of art is something special. It’s hard to make a topic and subject like this beautiful… but that is the way life is, when we overcome suffering and/or transform it through art. And you have achieved it in this piece. Sending much love to you back, and many many thanks for your enlivening reply. ❤️🙏🌷

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      4. All you have said is perfectly true but mainly unconsciously done. I just feel and let my hands have their way. My higher self had a hand in this for sure. Much love to you and thank you

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