I’m not on the lay away plan

take me somewhere hot and we’ll live in a tent by Summerhill Lane

Not on the lay away plan

Divine Feminine to the Divine Masculine

Dear loved ones, well it is 4:25am and I haven’t slept a wink.  I worked late and I got to bed late and I didn’t eat while at work and I didn’t want to eat when I got home because it was too late.  But I don’t think food is my issue, I know what is keeping me awake. 

I want to scream

I want to sob

I want to punch the walls

I want to give myself away to the first man who asks

Take me as I’m tired of waiting for my divine masculine to make a move

Here is what I have been saying to him out loud, and he heard too because my body went into the jumps and jerks and orgasms it always does when we are connecting.

Baby, you asked me not to cave

And I haven’t

You asked me to be only for you

And I have

You asked me to close my legs

And they are clenched

I am here untouched and unloved because you asked

I am true to my promises

You son of a bitch

you don’t talk

you twiddle your thumbs

What do you think that I am on the lay away plan?

Breathe Summerhill, deep breaths, that’s right.  Self sooth.  You know how to do that as you have done it all your life.  Why should having a divine masculine be any different. 

Living poetry.  Thank you for reading.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill

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