Nothing to say

there is nothing to say by Summerhill Lane

nothing to say

Dear loved ones, it is a warmish day today here in Toronto, but I am only guessing because I haven’t ventured outside yet, and I have been lazy just laying here in bed dreaming and thinking and feeling.  My body hurts from work yesterday.  It was crazy busy in the store and people were frantic and over shopping.  Line ups and grocery carts filled to overflowing.  I understand the panic but was trying not to add to it or feel it myself. 

One of the reasons for over shopping was because the children will be home from school for three weeks (or more, who knows), and these children will need to be feed likely nonstop because they are bored.  I feel sorry for the parents. 

I really have nothing to write about that you would like to read.  I did learn a new word today though that I wanted to use in a sentence (smiley face).  The word is ‘basorexia’ and it means “over whelming desire to kiss”. It must be an old word because the spell checker doesn’t recognize it and wants to change it to anoxemia. (where is my dictionary?)

Here is my sentence:

“My darling divine masculine, whenever I think of you, which is very often for sure, the basorexia is too intense and it makes me sad because you are nowhere to be found in the 3D.”

DM did send me a text message yesterday to ask me to be careful who I meet up with.  Well, I meet up with lots of people every day, but I think he was referring to something more specific and more intimate.  It felt like a dig and a trigger for sure.  Questioning my promises to him to stop slutting around.  I momentarily felt like I had to defend myself and prove that I was true and loyal, but then I stopped and remembered that I don’t need to prove myself to him or anyone. 

I sent him a link to my post “I am not on the layaway plan” which was about him and our connection.

See, I really did have nothing to say, (double negative) but I hope I haven’t wasted your time.  Maybe my painting at the beginning will be a little gift for your eyes.  I don’t want to vent today, and I have nothing erotic on my mind.  My twin flame journey is not stalled but is very slow for sure.  I am waiting on divine timing or until I have done all my healing and released all my wounds.  I am growing old in the meantime and I just want to be with my divine masculine and heal together.  I want to be happy and sexual here on this planet in this time.

 Free will.  I can’t force him to love me and be with me.  He should remember he also is not a spring chicken.  Now I am laughing.  I am picturing a mature hen and an old rooster still crowing over the females in his flock.  He wants all the hens and chicks, not just that old one (although still very fetching) over there scratching a poem and a drawing into the farmyard dirt. Wish I had a painting of this.

I love you all very much.  Thank you for the new word Cristian Mihai, and thank you for reading (if you got this far), Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane

here is a song that I like and I wish someone would sing this about me.

Cross Me – Ed Sheeran

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  1. I’m sorry I haven’t been visiting as much, Summerhill. Life likes to fill your days with stuff that takes you away from the things you’d rather be doing, and visiting your blog is something I’d very much prefer to be doing! 😁

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