A ball in the air – stop juggling

a snow ball in the air by Summerhill Lane

A ball in the air – stop juggling

Dear loved ones, I had already started writing a blog this morning and it was just going to be a video of me reading one of my poems.  It failed to launch.  I need to add something to my WordPress account in order to upload videos, but I don’t know what that is yet.  Maybe I need to put it out as a YouTube video and then upload that?  Research is needed but I must get ready for work. 

My daughter sent me a news post involving a gun, a grocery store, and a disgruntled customer all taking place in downtown Toronto, actually very close to where I live.  She was concerned about me because she knows that I am working today, and I work in a grocery store and this store is also relatively close to downtown.  So, I don’t know what to expect when I go into work this afternoon.  I will certainly let you know. 

This is not what I wanted to write about today though, although it is indirectly related.  I have had some disappointments recently that have got me down a little.  For example, a long-awaited trip for fun in the sun in Punta Cana just got cancelled.  It was a let down for sure and my grandson cried for at least 20 minutes until we told him about the long needle up your nose that awaited all travellers arriving back from their vacations in order to check for the virus and then a quarantine period of at least 2 weeks where you couldn’t leave your apartment or go to school or meet with your friends, etc.  He stopped crying right away.

What I have been let down about is that my divine masculine has been juggling.  He has a lot of balls in the air and I think that I am just one of them.  I am an option, a ball in the air.  We are not coming together in union.  We hardly talk (text), no phone conversations anymore, and we definitely haven’t met in person.  I am very let down.  I still feel his energy and it is strongly sexual and he gives me spontaneous orgasms almost every day.  This I appreciate as you can well imagine.

Hell, I am not an option.  I am not one of your balls that you can toss around and play with once in awhile or ignore completely (this has been mainly the case lately and that sentence sounds very funny too).  I am laughing now at the visual.

This is sounding like a rant and it is not meant to be.  I have no idea what DM is going through in his life and I thinks he needs a time out.  A time out from me and my energy.  I will try to be quiet for awhile and leave him alone.  But I can never be quiet with you.  Love you very much and thank you for reading my blog.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane

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5 thoughts on “A ball in the air – stop juggling

  1. Sometimes it helps to rant into a listening ear, because it helps to put it behind us and move forward. You deserve better than what you describe above. Don’t settle! If it is not meant to be, forcing it does not make it good. You are in my prayers! Have a Blessed Week!

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      1. You’re Welcome! Yes, we all need prayers – sometimes more than others. Thank You for stopping by my blog, reading my posts and following. I appreciate the follow! Please stop by often and let me know what you think of the writings I post! God Bless!

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