I want you to love my divine masculine

nine day prayer by Summerhill Lane

I want you to love my divine masculine

Dear loved ones, today was a very weird day.  It started out terribly because I had a fainting spell during the night and I ended up having to crawl to the kitchen in order to get myself a glass of water.  The water helped but I felt off.  Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with my health and I don’t have the flu.  The energy of this world is oppressive and I am feeling it.  (Then at work later a young man, likely coked up, rushed me and started yelling and hitting himself in the head with his fist over and over again saying, stop staring at me, I will be dead soon.  He said this over and over continuing to hit his own head.  I felt calm then but later was upset as it played back in my mind)

A terrible sadness settled down on me and I wanted to tell my divine masculine that I loved him maybe for the 102nd time and also maybe for the last time. Melodramatic, yes, I know.

 Here is what I said to him, “Baby, I love you with all my heart, please take care of yourself and your family.  I wish that I was part of your family too”.  Tear jerker, right? I was crying as I typed this.

  He did not respond.  I should add, he did not respond by text message, but I did feel the familiar warmth and wetness and the intense spontaneous orgasm.  Way better than a text message, I might add.  (smiley face) He heard me loud and clear.

I want you to love my divine masculine.  He is magical and creative, crude and funny, very sexual and sensual, a father who loves his daughter, a son who loves his mother, a brother who loves his siblings, an uncle who loves his nieces, a friend who loves his friends.  He is beautiful and very powerfully built.  He is a force for good but I don’t think he knows this yet. 

Thank you for listening to me wax lovingly about my divine masculine today.  I love all of you and we too have a soul connection.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane

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6 thoughts on “I want you to love my divine masculine

  1. Very heartfelt and true, Summerhill, and I like the nine day prayer very much. I am happy that the young gentleman didn’t hurt you. This is the unfortunate possibility that faces those who deal with the public as part of their jobs. I’m glad I don’t have to do this. I would find it too intimidating.

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