Should I take up drinking?

yellow sky blue road by Summerhill Lane

Should I take up drinking?

Warning language and content may offend some 18+

Dear loved ones, today was a gloomy day in Toronto and the streets were almost empty of traffic. An eerie atmosphere for sure.  My daughter and I took an Uber to the city center to go to the post office to mail off income tax papers and we made a quick visit to the liquor store (you know, getting the essentials).  I find this funny because I don’t drink but I think I would like to start. 

The reason I would like to take up drinking is because I am heart sick and heart broken, discouraged and disappointed, and way beyond horny.  A pitiful sight. 

I know that you know where this opener is leading, and I will not disappoint you.  Some of you are saying, “please disappoint us and talk about someone else besides your divine masculine because he is never going to show up for you”.   You may be right about this.  He may never show up for me.  He may never show up for me in the 3D, but we are always together in the 5D or astral.  I feel him with me always.  On this plane he loves me, protects me, talks to me and his energy is erotic and sensual to the extreme.   

Yes, I know this sounds crazy.  He has confirmed that it is happening to him too, so we are both having the same psychosis.   

My oldest daughter, who lives in another city, asked me to write a goodbye letter to her children, my grandchildren, if I continued to work in the high-risk atmosphere at the grocery store.  Who would have thought cashiering would require danger pay.  It is quite funny.  I think my daughter watches too many news programs and has gotten herself worked up. But I am considering staying home from work and taking up drinking.  (I am laughing as I write this and am not really serious about the drinking part). 

Boy, this is quite a dark blog post today from me.  So sorry.  I know tomorrow will be a better day.  I wanted to write something erotic and / or funny.  I should attach the fantasy story about the masseuse to take our minds in another direction all together.

Thank you for reading my blog today and sorry it has been a bit of a downer.  Love you all, hugs & kisses, Summerhill Lane

The Masseuse

She was a mature woman that is for sure, but her body had retained much of her youth and her sexuality was at its peak. She was constantly wet, warm and ready, which considering her age, was very unusual. 

Her lover was away for a week on a business trip and this time she couldn’t travel with him.  Always she would accompany him where ever he went but there seemed to be something different about this time because he was being very secretive and selective with the information, he shared with her. 

A day and a night without his cock in her was unbearable and the thought of 7 of such days and nights was driving her to desperation.  Relax baby girl, the pet name she had given her pussy, you can just take care of your own needs, right.  She lay on her bed and all she had to do was think of him, his beautiful blue eyes, his soft sensual lips, his erotic voice, and of course his erection.  She loved his cock.  He always satisfied her as he knew what she wanted and where she wanted it. 

The orgasms started almost immediately and made her back arch in a most pleasurable way.  She didn’t need to touch herself to know that she was dripping wet and ready for his massive cock to pound her as only he could.  Shit, what was she going to do, she knew she couldn’t last the week.

Be inventive girl, she told herself, where could she get some action without breaking any vows or ruining her reputation. 

One of her girl friends had told her about this masseuse who was very generous with the massage oil, wink, wink, and he did a very good job and you always left feeling light as a feather and so, so relaxed.   She found his number and booked an appointment for the following afternoon.

He was tall, very muscular and looked shockingly similar to her lover, he even had his blue eyes.  She was in trouble. 

She lay naked on his table covered in the thinnest sheet, her body reacting as it normally does with tiny multiple orgasms and her pussy soaked.  It wouldn’t be possible to hide this from him so she decided to just go with it and see what he does and how he handles it.  Will he be professional?  Oh, she hoped not. 

As soon as his hands touched her a ripple of pleasure cursed through her and was the sweetest pain.  He didn’t panic but continued to rub her back and shoulders as if he didn’t know the effect he was causing.  All the time she was silently messaging him with her mind to touch her where she wanted to be touched.  He also must be telepathic because soon his hands were between her legs slowing rubbing and massaging each leg all the way up but not actually reaching the desired location.  Oh my god she was going to scream.  Please don’t tease me this is torture.  Can’t you see where I want you to put your hands!  Her silent pleading reached him and he tentatively let his hand travel to her hot liquid center. 

He could not contain himself.  Never had he felt such desire for a client, and he had treated many beautiful women before but none like her, and she wasn’t even young or that beautiful.  Oh my, she is orgasming right in front of me.  He wanted to lick her pussy, put his fingers in there, one, two, three of them.  He wanted to put a finger or two in her ass as well.  His cock was rock hard and pulsating.  He wanted to kiss her, to smell her, to surround her with his arms and bury his face in her breasts, to totally devour her with his passion.  He knew she would let him as the sheet that covered her perfection had drifted to the floor and her legs were spread and ready and her eyes had glazed over slightly and she looked at him with such sweet surrender.  He had to have her, but not here and not like this.  But if not now then when.  His mind and body were out of control just like her. 

He lifted her gently from the massage table and placed her on the floor on top of the sheet that had recently covered her. He didn’t take time for precautions as it didn’t seem needed or necessary and just plunged his 10-inch cock into her. Her body lifted slightly to accommodate him and she wrapped her legs around him. They joined perfectly like two pieces of a puzzle meant to fit together. His legs are stretched out in front of him and she sits on his erection and wraps her legs and arms around him and their eyes lock and their lips meet. He could stay like this forever. She is riding him hard and fast but stops before he can finish. Now what is she doing.

Oh my god this is beautiful, he is beautiful but she needs to taste him and eat him.  Put your cock in my mouth, she says, let me enjoy you this way.  She loves sucking cock and especially loves swallowing cum.  Yummy!

He is face fucking her hard now and she takes it all and doesn’t mind the gaging, in fact she loves that part too.  All too soon he releases and fills her mouth and throat.  She swallows and smiles.  He tastes good, just the same as her lover. 

I love this song and it is how I’m feeling today.

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10 thoughts on “Should I take up drinking?

  1. Love the colors in this painting. I like that it’s a simple composition of patterns, and I don’t even like Matisse much. But these colors are so satisfying. The fiery organge sky, and the flat red mountains.

    Glad to hear your were teasing about taking up drinking.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for your comments and for liking my painting. The colours soothe me and I like using them quite often.
      Yes not going to start drinking because I’m allergic to alcohol but I would really like to be able to get drunk sometime 😁

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Goodness, from one extreme to the other, this post lol wishing you the best with whatever decision you make. All who work in grocery, deliver, medicine… in these deserve thanks, thanks, & more thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your comments on my blog – I am not really serious about taking up drinking as you will have gathered. I have decided to stop working though, only because my children are pressuring me , they want to keep me around for awhile yet. Much love to you ❤️


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