Time Travel

don’t step over this line by Summerhill Lane

Dear loved ones, today I left the house and went for a run to a nearby park that has lots of green area and plenty of trees.  There were several people running or walking but keeping the proper distance from each other.  Everyone smiled at everyone else.  It was very nice.  I could feel my divine masculine with me, as he lives in my heart and in my solar plexus.  I was wet.  He is very erotic and sensual in person and his energy can’t help but be the same.  I was visualizing him holding my hand as we walked between the trees. 

To approximate a hug from him, I hugged a tree that I had tagged as belonging to him.  There are different trees that belong to different friends and loved ones that I cannot see at the present moment.    It is a little game that I play when I need to receive or give a hug.  It is very therapeutic and healing.  It is more than that though.  I actually travel.  For a brief moment today, I was in my divine masculine’s arms and he reassured me and comforted me.  I think I did the same for him. 

The following is a poem about this experience.  I love you all very much and am also hugging a tree for you.  Hugs & kisses, Summerhill Lane

Time Travel

I went for a run today

To the park with all the trees

I found yours

I was listening to a song that reminded me of you

You know the one I sent you some time ago

When I was love sick

I wrapped my arms around

Pressed my cheek against

My lips touched the rough bark

All vanished

Have I fainted

Blacked out

Your face came into focus

your eyes and lips crystal clear

You smiled and pulled me in close

It’s okay baby we will be together soon

And you patted my head like I was your good girl

 The song ended

Fell forward disoriented and dizzy

The imprint and warmth of your body lingered only for a moment  

Wow, I just time travelled

And it was tangible

Who else should I visit

Yes, my soulmate and friend

Oh, he is sleeping

That’s okay I won’t wake him up just stroke his hair.

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12 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. This poem makes me smile. I used to talk to trees while growing up and even now, I still talk to them and never hesitates to “OH HEY LOOK AT YOU!” to trees every time! Thanks for writing this.

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  2. What an amazing experience. I was out in the forest the other day. I’d been very stressed out the previous day and had slept very poorly. I need a little peace and quiet and just time to sort through my thoughts and feelings. I was touching this one tree (i rest my hands on them) and I felt a very strong vibration in the trunk of said tree. I was too cold to keep my hands on the tree the whole time but when I let go one of the branches came to rest on my arm where it stayed until I finished my communion.

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  3. It felt like my body traveled too because I could feel the heat and imprint of his body and where he patted my head. This lasted for quite a few seconds after. I was so dizzy and disoriented as well. Astro travel is similar but not as physical. ❤️


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