Portraits of my divine masculine

initial sketch of divine masculine by Summerhill Lane

Portraits of my divine masculine

Dear loved ones, I want to share some of the portraits that I have created of my divine masculine.  I thought it would cheer me up to have them on display, and I was hoping you would like to see them in a group as well. 

The sun is shinning today and I spent an hour laying on my balcony with the rays lighting up my face. The rest of my body was covered in a blanket.  The breeze was cold but refreshing.

Thank you for joining me today and looking at my little art gallery display.  I love you all and I really do mean this.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane

divine masculine by Summerhill Lane

This watercolour painting is based on the original sketch shown at the beginning.

divine masculine in acrylic by Summerhill Lane
divine masculine in his emotions by Summerhill Lane
sketch of divine masculine by Summerhill Lane

My next series of paintings will be of my ex-husband, who currently is nearing the end of things here on this plane. The paintings are good (I think) and they should be displayed. Again, much love to you my loved ones, Summerhill

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17 thoughts on “Portraits of my divine masculine

  1. I just saw these and thought: ‘Hey, the second portrait looks a little bit like me.’
    But then I noticed the eyes being blueish, while mine a brown and my head is not that long, a little wider.

    Still it gave me a little confusion at first and a smile as well.
    And now you also know a little bit how I look. (In case you wondered. 😀 )

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    1. Hi John, I had to go back and look at the paintings again in Portraits of my divine masculine, to see which one you were referring to that looked something like you. You are very handsome then with brown eyes instead of blue. I am happy to know what you look like and I was wondering. I am smiling too. Sending you love and hugs.

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