he loves astronomy and photography by Summerhill Lane


Dear loved ones,

Yesterday I shared some sketches and paintings of my divine masculine – a gallery page.  It was cathartic for me to put these images out there for others to see if they wished.  DM (divine masculine) has been unusually quiet and distant and I am very lonely for him, yet I assume he is fine and just hunkering down with his family.  No time for any words of love or expressions of concern for me.  This does sound like I am whining, and you would be right.

 Whatever!  Isn’t that what we all say when things don’t go our way and we pretend like it doesn’t matter? 

Today though, the focus is on my ex-husband.  You may have read my posts about him recently and I will attach links in case you are interested and also to get the feel of our past relationship.

‘You are not getting any more of my time’ – poetry

‘Hot wife files – a disappointment’

I never got closure from him.  He never said, “I’m sorry and please forgive me”.  He never helped me in any way when we separated even though he knew I needed help.  I don’t hold that against him, or anything really.  It happened the way it was supposed to. 

He is on his final journey, hopefully to the happy hunting grounds, where he desperately wants to go.  So as way of closure for me and an expression of love for him, I want to share with you some paintings of him.

I love you, hugs & kisses, Summerhill Lane

playing his harmonica by Summerhill Lane
he loves reading his photography books by Summerhill Lane
always in control of the remote by Summerhill Lane
he knew how to clown around by Summerhill Lane
always keeping a lookout for possibilities by Summerhill Lane
enjoying a reflexology treatment by Summerhill Lane
he loves his blue suede shoes by Summerhill Lane

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4 thoughts on “Closure

  1. Oh there you go! I hope that by posting this blog, you free a piece of your self that has been locked down of sadness. Sending all the love for the courage you’re all showing us!

    PS beautiful paintings!

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