Picnics and Fruit

Pines over Nym Lake by Summerhill Lane

Picnics and Fruit

Do you like my dog?

Dear loved ones,

You might wonder what the title of this post has to do with the contents herein, and I would have to answer – nothing.  I was facetiming with my grandson and I asked him to supply me with a title for my blog and this was his suggestion.  He later added, “Do you like my dog?”  He has ‘our’ dog with him while he waits out this pandemic with his father in another city. 


I shouldn’t have started out this post talking about my grandson and dog, Gibson, because changing my persona from a grandmother to a divine feminine and sex goddess is messing with my mind.  The weed I just took a puff of is helping in the transformation though. (only one puff) 

The last time I smoked weed (two puffs) was a week or two ago and I ended up sending a night time sex message of longing to my divine masculine.  I just could not stop myself. 

I shouldn’t smoke anymore because it intensifies the sexual longing and this longing is getting to be unbearable.  My ‘hot’ text message got a response from him at least but not the desired one.  Nothing kind or loving or even sexy from him.

I give up.  I surrender.  I’m throwing in the towel.  I am going to stop being the fool. 

Two nights ago, I woke up from a terrifying nightmare at 3am.  My ex-husband (who is on his death bed) was laying on top of me trying to get inside my body.  He kept saying, “no one is ever going to love you, your divine masculine doesn’t love you and you are a joke”.  While he said this over and over, he was scratching at my chest in order to climb into my heart to take up residence there.

I was so shaken by this because I knew that if he could possess me after his death, he would.  While we were married, he would often say he would come back and haunt me.  So, this nightmare was more than real. 

So, I have to ask – Does my divine masculine think I am a joke? A crazy? A loonie toon? 

I have to ask you my dear loved ones what you think of all this twin flame, divine masculine stuff.  Do you think I am out of my mind?  I feel very sane and I know what I feel and what has happened to me, and I always tell you the exact truth even though it sounds so bazaar sometimes.  I have no doubts about this journey, and who I’m on this journey with.  I think I have been dragging my DM along with me kicking and screaming.  It is all very funny really.  And just maybe, I have been dragging you also along for the ride.  I hope you are not kicking and screaming though.  (smiley face).  Thank you for reading to the end, if you are indeed still here, and I would understand if you left long ago.

 I love you all very much.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane

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