Giving up the chase

playing with watercolour paint by Summerhill Lane

Giving up the chase

Warning language and content may offend some 18+ please

Dear loved ones, good morning.  It is another beautiful sunny day here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I am in my regular spot (my little bed), drinking my cup of coffee.  I had my alarm set to remind me to get up and go for a run, but I have been ignoring it today.  I don’t need a reminder for this but I was just playing around with my phone to see what services it offered. (smiley face) I have a painting that is begging me to begin.  Why I am delaying, I do not know.  Yes, I do actually know.  The painting is of a young couple sitting on a park bench and they are cuddling and so much in love.  The love is coming off of them so strongly. 

I want to have this kind of love.

 I feel this love and passion for my divine masculine but he doesn’t reciprocate, or at least he is very quiet about it.  I don’t understand.  He did send me an email quite a few days ago telling me he missed me very much. “I MISS YOU V.M.”  Those aren’t his initials so I am assuming.  I responded that I missed him too.  Then nothing more.

I have given up chasing him. I don’t want to be the chaser or the runner.  No more chasing and no more running. 

In the past he was used to me being the pursuer, always sending him messages of love.  He would respond sometimes but it would never lead to any honest dialogue.  Most of the time he wouldn’t even respond.   

I haven’t given up the journey or my divine masculine, I have only given up chasing him.  To be very honest, I am so god awful horny I can’t stand myself.  This longing is unbearable.  I promise you that I will channel this energy into my paintings and also direct it outwards towards loving and healing.  Golden rays of light explosion towards all of you my loved ones.  I will focus on this.  Thank you for letting me drag you along with me, and as I said before I hope you are not kicking and screaming but actually enjoying the ride.  Much love.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane

I am adding a short story / poem for your amusement or enjoyment, or neither.  I titled it BULL.


He had the largest cock, not that she had ever seen, but that she ever tried to put in her mouth.

Precum on the tip, she licked it off. 

Long and had girth.  Her mouth wouldn’t open that wide. 

Spit, licking, half way in, gagging. 

 Not a complete job but he enjoyed himself anyway. 

Would not shoot his load in her mouth

 A different idea of where he wanted his cock to be.

She helped him with a condom. It seemed a shame to put a coat on this beauty.

 He felt her wetness a little but not enough in her opinion

Anxious to ‘get down’ 

Been without for a very long time.

He entered her pussy a little at a time

The condom was irritating her sensitive interior. 

 Halfway in, so tight

He put his cock in her ass. 

Legs wrapped around his neck. 

This was better. 

He was uncontrollable

Pulled out a lot so he wasn’t hurting her anymore. 

 He came hard (cum inside the condom).

They got dressed and sat on the couch and talked awhile.

He was very sweet and she really liked him, but she did not desire him. 

She would not dream of him that night or any other.

The end

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19 thoughts on “Giving up the chase

  1. Thank you Nanchi for commenting on my blog. I appreciate your feedback. I can not possibly keep chasing, so yes a good decision. I am also happy you like my paintings. Much love,


  2. Giving up chasing is a very hard thing to do, so I can understand your previous reluctance in regards to this. I do think, however, that this may help to give you some peace of mind. I hope it does anyway. You deserve good things, I think, Summerhill. You really do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Tony for your comments. Yes I have been very reluctant to stop chasing my divine masculine because of the intenseness of this connection but it is not good for my health and my femininity 😁 to continue to do so. He knows how to find me if he wants. Much love to you ❤️and stay safe

      Liked by 1 person

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