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Warning language and content may offend some 18+ please

Dear loved ones, well it is another day in confinement but I am not complaining.  The slow down was needed for me to refocus and calm down and stop acting like a sexual diva.  I actually like that about myself although I am mostly joking about the diva part. 

I have been trying to understand this journey that I am on and wanting to explain it clearly to you.   An almost impossible mission.  It is not understandable or explainable but I will try my best.  An example might help.

Last night I watched the movie ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ on Netflix, with actor Gary Oldman playing the part of Dracula, Winona Ryder as Mina, and Keanu Reeves as Jonathan.  It was a very good movie although a bit gory in parts.  Mina, although engaged to Jonathan, developed an irresistible longing and love for Dracula.  She craved him and was literally crawling out of her skin from the longing and desire she had for him.  She would do anything to be with him, even die as a human.  Although she knew he was an undead and had done unspeakable things, it mattered not.  The very physical longing and sexual need took her over.  Was she really in love or was she being possessed? 

I have this same craving and sexual longing for my divine masculine.  I hope he is not Dracula.  I have to laugh at myself now for my imagination.  I know he is not evil or a devil or a Dracula, he is a wonderful loving man to his friends and family and his community.  He is magnificent and magnetic.  He told me before that he also is experiencing this same pull towards me, yet he fights it and puts up blocks. 

So, this is where I am at.  Just calming down and reflecting and healing myself of all past wounds and taking care of myself for the first time in my life.  I feel overwhelming love for all of you who are here in this circle and extending it further and further every day.  Thank you for reading and riding along with me and I want to apologize for writing about such frivolousness when we are all facing this serious health crisis.   I love you.  Summerhill Lane

I want to attach an erotic short story that I wrote awhile ago and I may have posted it already.  The story is purely fixational, but the content is about some of the things that my divine masculine and I talked about doing on our sexual adventure together.  Maybe it was all just a fantasy and was never meant to happen.

Warning 18+ content and language may offend some viewers!


Another birthday, OMG, that couldn’t be how old she was! Just numbers, she told herself, and her life experiences didn’t match the years.  Oh, she had had experiences all right but not of the pleasurable kind.  Now she felt like a new born just released from her bondage and was curious, eager, adventurous, looking ahead, ready to experience life, all of it, the good bad and the ugly, especially the bad, the prohibited, the forbidden, the taboo things, the sexual and sensual, the nasty bits and all the pleasures.  Did she have a bucket list? Sort of, kind of, but it was vague and didn’t have any form or texture, all she knew was that she needed a partner in this expedition, one whose mind was wild and daring.  One who also wanted to break all conventual boundaries, societal norms, and be liberated and find out what they were capable of together.

She had a profile and some photographs on a dating site but her information was totally geared towards finding a man for a loving relationship and a good experience for however short or long that lasted.  Now she was on-line looking for a woman to love.  She was a virgin in this arena.  She had no idea what to write because she wasn’t even sure what she was supposed to do if she did find the right person. 

Could she even say in her profile that she was single? 

She had been separated from her ex husband for well over a year now and there seemed no point in perusing a divorce because he was very ill and wasn’t expected to live much longer anyway.  She wasn’t callus to his pain and suffering but their relationship had ended and there wasn’t much she needed to say to him in his final days.   It was over and had been over for many years. 

Her lover, the man she was in love with, was handsome, dripping in sex appeal and very dominate. She loved everything about him right down to his anger and vulgar speech.  He had asked her to be his slut wife and his submissive, and she had to look up on-line to understand exactly what this meant before she had agreed to it, and she had agreed to this wholeheartedly.   Very sexy, very taboo and right up her alley.

Getting back to why she was on-line looking for a woman….  Okay, she was a slut wife and submissive to a husband and master.    And why was she looking for a woman?  Because her “husband / master” had asked her to look for someone that she could have a sexual experience with as well as share her with him when the time was right.  It all felt bad and very taboo.  She was very curious about what it would feel like to have sex with a woman and she had often thought about it in the past but her love of cock always dampened down those fleeting desires for cunt.

Would she share this woman with him – yes, she would, but not right away.  Their relationship was too new and delicate and she needed their alone time first, their cock, cunt, cum, fuck, suck, ass, hug, kiss, love, laugh time together.  For her it couldn’t be any other way, otherwise she would feel just like a real slut and whore and only good for the taking.  Not a label she would ever give herself or wear as an insignia.

Her first look at the women on-line scared her – they were so hard and tough looking, even the younger ones.  She didn’t want to ever look like that.  She was soft, submissive and loving and wanted to stay that way.  Not put off she continued in her preview of beauties before her, finally there were some that were very attractive, maybe too attractive and she instantly got jealous of her husband / master having this one to fuck.  OMG she was out of her depth.  She didn’t want to look any more by herself.  This was a joint project and it couldn’t and shouldn’t be left up to her.  Why was he forcing this on her?  Obey, try and succeed were her instructions.  Was she going to bring this woman to his place, a place she had only been to a few times herself?  Was she just being pimped to bring in new flesh for his table?  No, she didn’t believe that, she could feel his love coming to her across the miles that separated them.  Taking a deep breath and a prayer for guidance from her higher self, her intuition, and whoever else in the spirit realm that would not cause harm to her or through her, she started her on-line search a new. 

Her name was Loralyn and she was beautiful and graceful, a dancer, eccentric and funny.  She loved funny.  If she could relax and laugh with someone everything else kind of fell into place.  They met for coffee at a local outdoor café and stayed and talked and laughed for over 3 hours.  What a breath of fresh air, Loralyn was just what she was looking for in a female partner who could wean her into this way of being and help her experience this part of sexual self.  Could and would she share her with her master/husband?  Yes, because she knew that Loralyn was not attracted to men, but then again, she had not met her partner and he was very hot and sensual and could charm the pants off of any woman.  She would take that risk to please him and leave it in the hands of fate for the outcome. 

A rendezvous was arranged for an intimate party, he was inviting two of his male friends and she was bringing Loralyn and one of her girl friends, actually they were lovers, to make up the 3 couples.  The women each brought their own vehicles so they had options either for staying or leaving. She had learned that it was always good to give oneself options in any situation. 

The men were all tall dark and handsome, just the way she liked them but she only had eyes for her lover.  He in turn was being distant and playing the part of a stranger meeting these 3 women for the first time.  She was forewarned that this would be the scenario but it still stung as a rejection, but she could play that game as well as him, and went immediately to one of the other men and kissed him long and hard on the mouth.  His lips were wonderfully soft and sensuous and he gave her a little tongue as a prelude to the night’s activities.  She was very wet and turned on.

A veritable banquet was set up – food, alcohol, other intoxicants, anything and everything the heart would desire for a night of cock, cunt, cum, suck, fuck, lick, tease, pinch, gag, squeeze, x’s 6.  Everyone was presented with an empty grocery bag the use of which was not immediately clear but became evident as the night progressed.  Her lover was master of ceremonies for the evening and directed all to help themselves to refreshments before directing them to take their places facing each other in a circle sitting on the floor.  Momentarily it felt like she had been transported back to her childhood and was in a kindergarten classroom getting ready to play a game.  Thankfully this was no game for youngsters.  She was excited and could hardly wait for the fun to begin as she had never played strip poker in her life, it’s hard to believe we know, but she had been sheltered from anything remotely considered fun or sensual.  It now became clear what the bag was for when items of clothing began to fall away as the game progressed.  Soon all were naked and very excited and all inhibitions vanished along with their apparel.  Let the games begin.  Sucking cock was the first game being played as the women drew names from a hat for their prospective partner.  Her pick was the same man she had kissed earlier and this made her cunt drip juices that ran down her leg.  She closed her eyes to not see who was sucking her lover’s cock because it would only give her pain and spoil her enjoyment.  She would have to get over this jealousy of hers if she wanted to be submissive and supportive of her partner.

This man’s cock was hard and quite large and beautiful, she licked it and made it very wet with her mouth and licked his balls and handled them and kissed them and all her attention was given over to this pleasure.  Oh, she loved to suck cock and this one was enjoying all her love and attention.  The head she rolled around between her lips and give it little nibbles, little bits just to tease before sucking it further and further down her throat.  Her mouth sucked, her throat sucked, her whole body and energy sucked on this cock to elicit the nectar hiding within.  He was moaning and grabbing her hair and head and thrusting himself further and further gaging and chocking her but she would not release him until the pulsating began and the shout of release filled the air. His cum was delicious and she swallowed as much of it as she could but some escaped and ran down her chin and collected on her chest and breasts.   

Intermission time and all took a little rest to have a drink or smoke or eat something.  She needed to smoke a little just to help her relax and enjoy this night of pleasure.  She loved everyone here so what was the problem with showing her love and spreading it around in whatever way was demanded. 

The next game on the agenda was suck a pussy, and as before names were drawn from a hat but by the men this time.  The man she hadn’t had any connection with as of yet drew her name and a thrill went down her spine at the thought of this stranger sucking and kissing her moist center.  It seemed strange that her master, her husband, her lover hadn’t so much as touch her on the arm or acknowledge her in any way, but she brushed it off and instead concentrated on the loving kisses of this beautiful man in front of her.  He was very attentive and first kissed her lips and moved slowly to her breasts taking each nipple between his lips and teeth and gently pulling and biting.  Oh god she could cum just from this little bit of foreplay, but he left this off and moved slowly down her belly licking her as he went until he was positioned right on her clit.  He positioned himself between her legs and she wrapped them around his neck forcing his face right up close and personal.  He put his tongue up in her cunt and moved it around lapping and teasing her then he moved to her clit and took that hard-little cock, that little button between his lips and teeth and like he had done earlier with her nipples teased and tugged and sucked.  He licked and sucked and slurped up all her juices but more came in their place.  She was out of her mind and could hardly stand it, she was cuming and cuming and she screamed for him to stop.  His face was very wet when she kissed his mouth and tasted herself on him, she was delicious too.  

Finally, her lover made eye contact with her, he was angry she could see, and grabbing her by the arm he positioned her over the arm of the sofa, so that her ass was sticking up in the air.  You are such a whore and a bad wife, sucking another man’s cock and letting this stranger suck your cunt, you slut wife, you cunt, you whore.  You deserve a beating and an ass fucking.  I’m going to beat your ass then I’m going to fuck your ass then I’m going to let our fine friends here also fuck you in the ass.  How do you like that you little lying bitch, and your girl friends will have to witness your humiliation.  And while I’m fucking your ass, you are going to be sucking on your girl friend’s cunt and licking her out.  

Never had she been so aroused as she was by this language and the action that followed.  He was true to his word and hit her a few slaps on her ass which only stimulated and didn’t really hurt.  She positioned herself between Loralyn’s legs with her ass in the air.  She gently kissed her friend and licked and sucked but her attention was focused on her lover’s cock slowly being inserted into her wet ass.  With his hands on her hips he started a rocking motion further and further he entered her until all of him was deep and her body sucked him in deeper.  He rammed her, he pounded his cock into her, he rocked and rolled her and she could no longer give Loralyn the loving attention that she so deserved and left off from her and allowed the orgasms to take over and consume her.  He pulled out and another cock was in her with a different rhythm and a different song, he too thrust and filled her with joy.  Different hands were on her hips and a third cock was in her pulsating and pushing and balls were slapping her upper thighs and more orgasms were sweeping over her taking her away to the land of dreams.  He too pulled out and left her ass hole open and weeping. 

In the final scene we see the three women laying on the floor cuddled together and hugging and kissing each other and the men standing over them masturbating and bringing themselves to the brink.  Cum is flying everywhere all over the women, in their eyes, hair, necks, breasts, stomachs, but mostly aimed for their mouths and lips.  Her mouth was open and she caught and swallowed her lover’s gift.  He gave all his preciousness to her and for her alone.

The end

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10 thoughts on “Dracula

    1. Thank you Tony for liking the painting. I was attending a Native American ceremony and this fellow was mesmerizing, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I am happy that some of that came across in this painting.❤️to you

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      1. My ex narc was not noticing to view, his words were merely words constructed to suck a victim in. I see these days he has “flying monkeys”. Very sad to watch another get sucked into his abuse vortex. I’m done, moved on. Sooooo much happier. This is why I am so concerned about u. I hate to know ur heart is feeling the tearing, the manipulation and pain that mine did. Ur so much better than he. U r a strong woman. I’m telling u its ur turn to be the dom dear🔥

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