Early morning visitor

heading for the portage by Summerhill Lane

Early Morning Visitor

Dear loved ones, something supernatural happened to me during the early morning hours today and I wanted to share it with you.  Maybe it is all just a coincidence, but I do not think so.  I will let you form your own conclusions though.

Yesterday afternoon I was messaging with my step-daughter and she said: ‘I think my dad will pass tonight’.  He has been in the hospital and on morphine for several days now, so I knew he was going soon.  I was crying for him even though he gave me no good reason to mourn for him.  Anyway, here is what happened:

1:11 am – my phone buzzed and woke me up.  It was just a notice that my WIFI was connected.  Strange, then I checked the time and fell back to sleep.

2:22 am – my phone again buzzed and woke me.  Someone had posted a blog.  I was getting a little concerned now when I saw the time, so thought I should just stay awake and maybe pray for my ex’s safe journey.    I finally went back to sleep, but was then woken again.

7:17am – a bird flew into my bedroom through an open window (sliding patio door going out to my third-floor balcony) and was caught in the drapes.  He (the bird, and I am calling him a he, but I don’t know) was very calm and just waited until I pulled the drapes and opened up the door some more for him to fly out.  This is the very first time that I have had a visitation in my bedroom of the feathery kind. 

Now that I am looking at the spot on the floor where the bird was sitting, I notice he left me a present (bird do do). Very kind of him. (smiley face).    

I do not know in fact if my ex had died during the night, but I do believe he paid me a visit as a final farewell.  I really hope he goes to someplace wonderful and where he wants to be.  He sure did put me through my paces and maybe that was his job.  Maybe this is all bullshit but I like to think of it this way.  It is healing.  We did have some good times together and the painting at the start of this post, is one of those times.

I love you all very much and thank you once again for reading and being with me.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane

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17 thoughts on “Early morning visitor

    1. Thank you darling for the love. I need it right now too. The signs are ample today. I went outside for a moment and the vehicle’s license plate parked in front of my apartment had the numbers 117, then I looked at my phone and the time was 1:17. incredible. Sending you love and thank you for your comments. This is where I would put an emoji heart, but I my computer doesn’t have this option.


  1. The other side communicates with us in a language completely different from that of the material world – very often, it is in the form of birds, butterflies, dragonflies, etc. – small flying creatures. The meaning is left up to us as to what we are supposed to glean from their appearances. It seems on some level though, we already know what that message is.

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    1. I knew right away that he was come to say goodbye and because the bird was calm as he waited for me to free him back into the sky, my ex was calm facing his transformation. Thank you Knightsreich for your comments and I am happy to hear from you again. Much love❤️

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  2. I have in the past predicted various deaths. The unexpected death of a classmate’s father. various pets, among others. My mom does too. She calls me over and over when someone is sick to find out if I have had any dreams. I think loved ones probably do try and communicate with you in those final moments if they can’t reach you otherwise. I find some of the people that have come to me are uneasy about something and need reassurance others just want to say a special goodbye or a thank you. I have at times helped or tried to help guide/people on their way. Sometimes strangers come to me. So it’s not always people I know.

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    1. Thank you for your comments. You are blessed and have many special gifts. Yes I do know my ex came to see me to say goodbye. He died yesterday afternoon and I could feel him parting as I lay on my bed. Much love to you ❤️


  3. “There’s no coincidence. In fact, coincidence itself is a mathematical term. Remember in geometry, they would say that two angles that coincide, fit together perfectly, such are life’s coincidences- perfect alignment.

    You were in alignment with the moment, and the hours all represent guardian Angels presence if you believe in vortex math..

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  4. I often feel like there’s a thin membrane that separates us from the beyond. Or supernature. Whatever it’s called. I am so aware of it, but that’s really the sum total of what I know. So, what you’ve described doesn’t strike me as bullshit at all. It wouldn’t hurt if more of us leaned into these experiences like you do!

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    1. There are many ‘spiritual ‘ ones who say that the other side is only 3’ off the ground but in another dimension. I don’t know if this is true or bs but it is interesting to think about. I was happy that my ex came as a bird to say goodbye and then immediately flew away😁.

      Thank you for your comments as it is always good to hear from you. Much love❤️

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