Days of love and sunshine

Days of love and sunshine by Summerhill Lane

Days of Love and Sunshine

Dear loved ones, I wasn’t going to write a blog post today because I am very sad and in low spirits.  I always want to be upbeat and encouraging and have a high vibration, but I need also to be real with you.  You my dear ones are also very honest in what you write about and I appreciate that. 

I finally finished the painting which I titled ‘Days of Love and Sunshine’.  The empty canvas was sitting on my easel for a few weeks and I had been putting off painting it.  The painting had already been created in my mind and the image of it made me cry.

 I was out walking one afternoon and saw this couple sitting on a park bench and I passed them by because I didn’t want to get too close and also didn’t want to distract them from their intimacy.  I back tracked and (still keeping social distancing) asked if I could take their photo for a painting.  They were happy to comply.  I wish I could see them again sometime and give them a copy of the finished piece.

I usually don’t paint from photographs but this was all I had as a reference.  I couldn’t very well ask them to sit for me while I sketched. 

The reason why this painting is making me cry is because the love is so palatable and precious.  Do they realize what they have?  Is love like this wasted on the young? 

I have never felt intense love until recently.  Of course, I loved my two husbands (not at the same time, and this is where a smiley face would go, we didn’t have a threesome).  The passion, the lust, the sensual sexual chemistry and undying devotion that I feel for my divine masculine is new to me.  It has taken me over and I am submerged in feelings that are extremely intense.  So unexplainable because he hasn’t wooed me or even told me how he feels.

I have no outlet for this steam.  He stays away (which he should right now), but there would be nothing stopping him from phoning, texting, facetiming etc. if he wanted to.  This silence is deliberate on his part. 

Some good news.  Yesterday, we (my daughter and I) got our dog Gibson back.  He was with my grandson at his dad’s place in another city.  My grandson is still there until it is safe for him to come back to Toronto.  Gibson is curled up beside me now as I type this.  He loves me unconditionally as I love him.

Thank you for reading my blog post today and sorry if I brought your spirits down in any way.  Also hope you like my painting.  Hugs & Kisses and please be safe and stay home.  I love you.  Summerhill Lane

couple on a park bench in monochrome
days of love and sunshine masculine

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30 thoughts on “Days of love and sunshine

  1. I think your sketches and your paintings are well done. I especially like the sweet face on the woman. I think it is ok to post something that is not necessarily what will make others happy (as you put it) I think that we should write what we feel. Sometimes I think you would be surprised on how much people may related to how your feeling. I don’t think love is wasted on the young at all. I still remember and even occasionally dream about my first love. Beautiful post. Have a blessed day my friend. Love Joni

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    1. Dear Joni, thank you for your comments on my painting and my post. You are right, of course, love is not wasted on the young. Maybe young love is the only love that is true. I was thinking of the saying ‘youth is wasted on the young’, in the sense that they don’t appreciate it until it is gone. You have a wonderful day too. Love, Summerhill

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      1. You too, my friend. I think that the whole path traveled is what makes us who we become as adults but it doesn’t define us if that makes sense. By the way, for me – love just got sweeter with my husband. You will likely have many loves in your life my friend. Love and hugs – stay safe please. Joni

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  2. What a beautiful painting. I love seeing couples in love. Old couples holding hands. Young couples goofing off. I have been asking the universe to connect people with their twinflames.
    The world needs healing right now. Sending love to you!

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  3. loved the expression of your thoughts. It reminded me of a park scene recently. I was parked and listening to the radio. A couple walked onto the path on the far side of the park near the pond. They stopped, and I think they were watching the turtles on the log out in the pond. I couldn’t hear them but they looked contented, and he lifted her arm and spun her around (like a dance move but there was no music). They moseyed along happily.

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  4. Amazing art as always, Summerhill. I think anybody would be lucky to have their likeness painted by you because you bring such a distinctiveness and… well, humanity… to all that you portray. Your images are warm and full of life!

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