Was he just my muse or was I his?

the colourful mountain fills my eye by Summerhill Lane

Is he just my muse?

Warning language and subject matter may offend 18+

Dear loved ones, I have been thinking of you and reading many of your posts and learning and appreciating.  Thank you. 

What have I been doing, you ask?

Nothing really, just cooking, eating (ha), walking and running with Gibson (the sweetest dog), hugging trees, dancing in the park, cleaning, sanitizing, staying home, painting, etc., etc.  Trying to stay busy and not think about my divine masculine and my sexual longing and craving for him.  Just looking at his photos is not doing it for me anymore.  How can I still be this love sick for him?  It is really ridiculous.  I am being ridiculous. I really don’t care how I look or present myself. Love is love.

Have I lost my mojo, my sluttyness, my sensuality and sexuality?  I used to be able to write an erotic short story just by putting my fingers on the keyboard and start typing.  Now, it doesn’t come that easy. 

Before I was always writing for my divine masculine because he had asked me to send him something erotic, now he no longer asks anything from me or of me.  He is very quiet and detached. Once in a blue moon he will text me that he misses me, then nothing more. A crumb to keep me going I guess.

Was he just my muse?  Or was I his?

The sexual adventure we had planned together seems like something thought of in another lifetime.  What – people actually touching each other and kissing and fucking!  Are we now living in a George Orwell novel? 

I am re-posting an erotic short story titled Taboo # 2, which some of you may remember from a few months back.  I hope that you enjoy it a second time, or a first time for most. 

I love you all very much.  Please be safe, stay home if you can, and love the ones you are with and love the ones you can’t be with too.  Hugs & kisses (from a distance), Summerhill Lane

Taboo 2

She was standing at her work station helping her customers with their food orders, a pretty mindless job but she liked being around people and she also enjoyed being of help to others.  Before you think she should get a gold star or a badge from the girl scouts think again.  She did like to help people is true, but she mostly liked to help men and the kind of help she was thinking of didn’t involve boxed cereal or apples.

She met him on-line on a dating site.  He was handsome, tall, beautiful eyes, successful – what was not to like about him?  She was no slough either – very sexy, nice to look at, slim and energetic.

He took her out to eat at a nice restaurant that had a homey feel and the food tasted like his mother had cooked it for them.  Everything felt right and she relaxed and so did he.  Their conversation was general and on the light side and she laughed at all his jokes.  They actually were funny so she didn’t have to force her amusement.  The undercurrent running beneath this seemingly normal interaction was quite a bit different than it appeared.  There was an electric charge in the air, she was aroused and she sensed that he was as well.  Every time their eyes locked a jolt traveled down her spine and her panties were definitely getting very wet.

They didn’t communicate in actual words about what would follow the completion of dinner, but they both knew their night wasn’t over, in fact it had only just begun.  Taking her hand, he helped her get settled in his leather seated BMW.  She sat back and closed her eyes and let the comfort of the seat, the speed of the wheels on the pavement and the scent of the manly driver soothe her. She rested conserving her energy and did not try to keep up any conversation.  He also was quiet imaging their night together and playing out the scenario in his mind.

She liked his home; it was clean and spacious and tastefully furnished.  Impeccable just like him.  Would he also be a minimalist as a lover? She hoped not.  Their lips met as soon as the door closed behind them.  She could hear a click and knew the door had automatically locked.  Instead of scaring her this small sound only added to the excitement she was feeling.

He stopped kissing her and just said “Come” like he was giving his pet dog a command.  She didn’t really mind being treated like a pet, maybe he would give her a bone to suck.  He wouldn’t let her help him as he removed all her clothes and folding them neatly placed in a pile on a nearby chair. “Now I’m going to cover your eyes with this blind fold.  This will just add to your pleasure.  I am also going to restrain you, your hands and feet.  This is also for your ultimate pleasure.  Nothing is required of you except to enjoy this experience.  You did say in your profile that you were looking for a good experience didn’t you, well you can be sure this will be one of your best yet.”

She said nothing to this and allowed him to cover her eyes and to restrain her arms above her head and her legs were tied in such a way that her sex was exposed and she was spread eagle.  She blushed to think how she must look in this condition and her pussy dripped wet down her legs.

She heard a bit of a commotion and assumed it was just the sounds of him removing his own clothing, although he was making quite a racket doing it.  She lay there practically holding her breath, her skin alive with tension waiting for the first touch.  She didn’t wait long.  A warm breath traveled up her leg and this sensation alone started her first orgasm.  So pleasurable.  He was on the bed now hovering over her and the first real touch began with her sweet spot, her honey pot, her liquid center.  He only teased her with a kiss and a nibble on her clit.  Oh, such agony to inflict, don’t tease me please, but he ignored her inaudible pleas.  With his tongue he traced a line up, dipped down in her navel and continued his journey to one of her nipples which by this time was standing straight up like a hard button.  He tasted and sucked and nibbled and taking this button between his teeth moved his head back and forth like he was trying to remove it from her body.  It didn’t hurt her but instead caused her second orgasm of the night.  

As he moved further up, she could also feel his hard cock tracing the line where his tongue had been just seconds before.  Where was he headed?  A tap on her lips answered her question.  “Open your mouth and receive me”, was his command.  Of course, she was very happy to do so because she loved cock and she loved to suck cock.  She licked him first and tasted the scent of him, so delicious.  The crown was between her lips and she sucked and moved it around feeling his cock growing and swelling and filling all available space, touching the back of her throat gaging her.  “Suck my cock and keep sucking” he commanded.  He was holding onto her head for leverage and support and began thrusting motions back and forth deep throating her and gaging her.  He continued this onslaught despite her continuing to gag.  Faster and faster he pounded her mouth until a deep moan and shout signalled his release.  Cum filled her throat and she swallowed much of it but more spilled between her lips and ran down her chin and pooled on her neck and breasts.  She used her tongue to lick up as much as she could that was clinging to her lips, she really loved the taste of his cum.  He was done in now for the moment she thought and probably would need time out to recharge his energy, but in this she was wrong. 

He left the bed but just as quickly returned and positioned himself between her legs.  He elevated her sex by putting a pillow underneath her ass to make her more assessible for fucking.  How did he recover so quickly she wondered for a split second but gave it up as sensations of a more immediate concern were occupying her mind.  A very hard cock was inserting itself into her very wet pussy.  Oh my, just what she was wanting.  Fuck me baby was her wordless message.  Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me some more she yells, put that big cock in my cunt and fuck me hard.  She was learning not to be afraid to beg and ask for what she wanted.  And fuck her he did, hard and harder still he pounded her while hanging onto her shoulders for leverage and support.  Don’t stop baby please don’t stop, she pleads as her third orgasm rocks her body. He is not far behind her and also groans and shouts his release.  He certainly has stamina she is thinking at the same time.  

He leaves the bed and unties the straps that were binding and spreading her legs wide open.  She thought that this must all be over now because he surly has reached his limit, but again she had underestimated him.  Joining her on the bed he lifts her legs and instructs her to wrap them around his neck allowing him access to her wet ass.  His cock is hard and pulsating as it slowly enters her.  He is taking his time with this allowing her to stretch and accommodate the size of him.  Oh, this hurts a little but a good hurt, a sweet pain, as he moves his hardness up and in.  He starts getting into a rhythm slow and steady but building in momentum like the rock song that has been playing in her head all night.   He has his hands on her breasts while he is fucking her ass and is massaging them and playing with her nipples.  This sensation she can hardly stand it is so erotic and she wants him to stop and begs him to stop but all that comes out of her mouth is her screams and moans and her body lifting off the bed and vibrating.  She lost herself, forgotten who she was and where she was.  A star exploding in space is best she could describe the experience later when she thought about it. 

 Her body shut down, her mind shut down and she gave in to emptiness and darkness.  It felt like she slept but must have been only seconds that she disappeared.  He removed her arm restraints and the blind fold from her eyes.  Focusing her eyes after being blind she could see three of him all the same.  Three beautiful pairs of eyes smiling down at her.  Each in turn kissed her lips and thanked her for her love and her sex and her beauty.  Three in turn helped her to her feet and petted her hair and touched her face and took turns kissing her neck and hugging her body.  She felt so very loved and adored.  Definitely one of her best experiences yet.

The end

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18 thoughts on “Was he just my muse or was I his?

  1. Mm, yeah, just as hot the second time! I think I’ll read it a third. Just for fun. 😉 The sexual adventure you had planned, Summerhill, sounds nice. Would love that kind of adventure myself. But I know what you mean with how strange that seems these days. Distance hugs and kisses to you. 😘🤗

    Liked by 4 people

  2. First off, your story is HOT!🔥 I’m even more intrigued by your thoughts at the beginning. I’m not sure exactly where you are in your journey with understanding your divine masculine. One thing that has really stuck with me as I went into the ever deepening rabbit hole is that it is impossible for a mortal to “infinitely” carry the divine projection of anima/animus from one’s soul. We can carry this intense flame for a moment in time, months perhaps, maybe a year or two if contact isn’t too frequent. You might find this post interesting: dionysianexperience.com/2018/01/10/romantic-love-hearts-on-fire/

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thank you for your comments Michael, and I very much appreciate what you have said. I have read the post you have recommended and will go back and re-read. My relationship with my divine masculine currently is mostly in the 5D and this is very sexual and intense. I want this to come back down to this reality and be a consummate connection. He may have different plans though as it seems. Sending you much love ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I missed your reply (you made it a new comment instead of linking replying to mine 😛) . Thanks for giving it a read. I crave the intensity of transcendent love like most. If we can understand what it is (and isn’t), we may at least soften the descent. I hope you both find the magic again 💫❤️

      Liked by 3 people

  4. I think my stories are better with a muse but I am also able to draw on other experiences, personal or from somewhere else, to craft something arousing and erotic.

    You did a fantastic job here. I’ll go browse your stories on your blog over the weekend. Your topics are quite up my alley. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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