False twin flame?

He is faithful and true by Summerhill Lane

False Twin Flame?

Dear loved ones,

Today is a sunny and a beautiful day here in Toronto, Canada, but I have not been out enjoying the weather yet.  I tried laying on the balcony wearing a bikini for awhile, but soon had to cover myself with a blanket.  A very cold breeze was coming from the west.  It occurred to me that my divine masculine was sending me the cold air along with his cold shoulder.  Silly thinking. 

His no communication is really getting me down.  I want to relax and just go with it and not be such a cry baby.  I need to get over this fixation I have on divine masculine.  He will show up with love for me, or he won’t.  end of story.  I will have no trouble moving on once I am convinced that he is not indeed the person I am meant to be with and he is not my twin flame.  I do know (feel and believe) that he indeed is, but maybe he is not ready and never will be.

 I’m not feeling his erotic sensual energy today.  He has shut off that tap.  I am alone. 

I have to tell you that he never told me that he loved me.  Here is some of the things he did say to give me that impression though:

  • I will protect you forever
  • I will never hurt you
  • You are in my soul’s heart
  • We were brought together for a greater purpose and not just for sex
  • Will you be my slut wife
  • Will you be my hot wife
  • I will look after all your sexual needs
  • We are a couple
  • Do not share your sweetness and tenderness with others

Bla bla bla

Guess I read too much into it. 

I do not understand what this connection with him has been about.  Is he a false twin?  Just a catalyst for my healing?

 I don’t want to face this because my heart is full of love and desire for him.


The above link is to a post where I was asking myself this question over and over.  What the fuck is this?  I always knew the answer because I am not that dense.  Naïve maybe, but not stupid.   

Dear ones, I think I have felt you leave the room.  It is okay and I don’t blame you.  I am just moaning and reflecting and being sad and upset.  The energy around me has been oppressive and I am picking up on it, and taking it out on you. You are sure to have better things to do than read this shit that I am putting out today.  I am not proud of this post.  But I am punching the damn keys and this is what is appearing on this page. 

Next post I think will be about love, and sex, and beauty, and art, and truth, and maybe some erotica (if I can pull some out of a hat).  Smiley face.  I love you.  Hugs & kisses, Summerhill Lane

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25 thoughts on “False twin flame?

  1. You’re not alone. My “Master” (for all intents and purposes) has a habit of going days or weeks without communicating with me also. I’d be lying if I said a part of me didn’t like the mistreatment because of who I really am inside.. a slave.. a whore.

    My “Master”, too, has eluded to his love for me and his desire to be with me forever with phrases like “I accept every fucking soul tie to your heart. You will never ever be fucking released. Do you accept the soul tie?” and “Your love for me is demonstrated in your service to me and my released is indicative of my appreciation of your efforts.”

    Of course, I could read into those as him pledging to be with me forever and that he demonstrated his love for me by cumming when I am servicing him. Or…. it could just be fantasy talk in the heat of the moment during a scene when the hormones and the energy is very high.

    Either way, I want you to know that you’re not alone and what I’ve been doing is imagining what I do want instead of what I don’t want so I can feel good instead of sad.

    When I feel myself spiraling, I imagine him holding me.. I imagine the times we’ve spent.. the words we’ve exchanged.. I remember how good those things feel and suddenly my mood begins to shift.

    This is not an overnight fix but it’s something that, if you practice it often enough, can be the new way you process feelings and will ultimately help you remain in a good mood regardless of his behavior.

    This new energy may attract the things from him that you desire.. or they will come from someone else. Being open to the possibilities is how you receive all that you desire.. and you will have all that you desire.

    Peace & Light

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    1. Dear darling Megan, you have helped me more than you realize. Just now I called him Master in my mind, and I felt his immediate response in my solar plexus and heart. You are so wise. I had been putting out the vibes of what was wrong instead of manifesting what I really wanted.
      You are divine. Thank you ❤️


    1. Dear Mr. A.,
      Thank for your advice and you are so right. I am right now changing my attitude and perspective and using this time for happier pursuits instead of just whining and crying.😁
      Sending you love ❤️


  2. I can’t speak for you but sometimes the fear of rejection/disappointment/heartbreak can cause one to put up their guard then the messages can’t get through. I sometimes do an online tarot when I am feeling a blockage on what I need to work on. Dreams can also reveal some of our anxieties/fears.

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    1. Thank you darling poet for your words of wisdom. I have been blocking my connection with my divine masculine all by myself. Fear of rejection is a very powerful emotion and I thought I had healed and couldn’t be triggered anymore. Wrong. I will follow your suggestions. Thank you so very much. Sending you love ❤️

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      1. Every one struggles with those feelings sometimes (healthy, sane, confident people too), it all boils down to how we deal with it. It can be used to constructive ends. I try to use it as a reminder to open up.

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  3. I saw my ‘DM’ walking near my house a couple months ago, then he texted ‘hello’ about a month later. I replied asking him how he was doing with the pandemic and he didn’t respond. I still have not figured out if he is my DM, but as more time goes on, I tend to think he’s just another ass that I’ve dated and I came across the twin flame story at the same time so made it all up in my head. That sounds pessimistic, but it’s hard to be optimistic when he’s done nothing but screw me over and not take accountability. I hope you get better results. Hugs <3<3<3

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    1. I am sorry someone has treated you so disrespectfully. It is hard to determine who that person is for you and why they came into your life.
      If I didn’t feel such intense soul connection and a 5D passion, I would have dismissed him long ago but I cannot break this longing for him although I am relaxing and surrendering.
      So good to hear from you. Sending love ❤️

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  4. A label is just a label. A 3D label to describe a 5D connection. I wrote more about the topic of labels in connection http://pursueyou.org/2017/03/24/connection-to-labels/ – once I had shifted my focus to “connection” versus “TF or False TF, etc” – I simplified the connection and was able to validate the connection for myself. Which I also wrote about validation here – http://pursueyou.org/2017/04/25/validation-translation/

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    1. Hi, thank you for your comments on my post. You are right, I am the only one that knows about this experience and I do not need outside validation but it is comforting to talk about it as a way to process. Sending you lots of love ❤️

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