Master have you left me?

life is still enjoy your tea by Summerhill Lane
two tea pots by Summerhill Lane

Warning explicit sexual language and content that may offend some 18+ please

Dear loved ones,

It has been a few days since I posted anything new or interesting.  I am trying to get myself out of this funk.  All I have to share today is some art and an erotic short story.  I feel like a man who is always thinking about sex.  I guess women think about it too but maybe not as much. 

I was very impulsive this morning and sent the above question (title) to my divine masculine as a text.

 I am bad.

 I should just leave him alone and be like him – quiet and detached.   He never responded of course, but I did feel a surge of his sexual energy, which was very nice.  

I hope you enjoy the paintings included here of ‘still life’. It is just like real life these days. A bit boring, but some nice colours.  Ha ha.  

The erotica was written awhile back and I am including it for your reading pleasure. Imogen is up to her old tricks again. Smiley face.

Thank you very much for reading my post.  I am punching the keys and wanting to say something that helps someone in some way and show my appreciation.  I love you. Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane

Warning language and content may offend some readers 18+ please

Wet Ass and Hard Cock

It had been a long time since they had fucked, too long in fact.  What was the matter with these people, didn’t they crave each other, didn’t they both have very healthy sex drives?  There were a multitude of circumstances that were keeping them apart, but we won’t dwell on that now, we will only focus on their coming together.  That’s right, the kissing, the tonguing, the sucking, the licking, the fucking, and any other words that might describe this carnal performance. 

Imogen loved to fuck.  She loved to fuck him.  She loved the word fuck and wanted to say it all the time but held her tongue while she was working just to save her job.  Some places of employment readily accept such language as the norm, but not where she worked.  There she had to be very polite and use gentle words befitting an upper-class, civilized member of society.  Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck would escape her lips as the work doors closed behind her.  Just saying the work fuck would make her wet and saying the word while thinking of him created a flow that soaked her panties in no time. 

Another word she liked to say was cock.  She loved cock.  She loved his cock.  In her minds eye she could see his cock and could feel it inside her while she did her kegel exercises to keep that pussy of hers tight and strong.  She would even do these exercises while she was being fucked in her pussy just to add to the joy of the experience. 

Okay, let’s get back to our couple.

Imogen knocked on his door then knocked again, he opened slowing almost too slowly like he wasn’t expecting her to be standing there and was surprised to see her. 

He was in character as was she. 

She was being gifted to him, a present from his best friend, a friend who wanted to cheer him up and make him happy again.  A friend who would do anything for him. There she stood, slender and lovely, with a big bow attached to the shoulder of her tight-fitting black dress.  A dress that accentuated all her curves and was causing the expected effect on him.  She could see that he was hard by the big bulge in his pants, and that was great because his big bulge was having an effect on her too. She was soaking wet and her panties couldn’t contain all this liquid and it was running down her leg.

He didn’t offer her any refreshments, or engage in idle chit chat, but got right down to the reason they were having this meeting.  They were there to fuck, so fuck they would. 

He liked the dress on her and wouldn’t remove it just yet, he needed to see that pussy and ass nestled up against that soft black material.  The underwear had to go though so he pulled it down just enough to expose her bum cheeks, then putting her over his knee gave her three good wacks just to see them redden and also to remind her that she was a very bad girl for doing what she was doing.  Good girls don’t fuck like you are going to fuck – do they?  No sir, she responded.  But I want to be a bad girl just for today sir.  You can be a bad girl today but you will need to be punished afterwards.  Yes sir, I expect to be sir.

Take my cock out of my pants and suck on it and make me hard and wet.  Suck on my balls as well and get them good and wet.  Use your hand on my cock and caress me, suck on the head and swirl it around in your mouth, that’s good, yes that’s nice.  Keep sucking until my cock is touching the back of your throat.  Yes, you are doing a good job, keep sucking don’t slacken in your duty to my cock.  You are such a bad girl sucking on my cock like that and making it rock hard.  You bad bad girl. I’m not going to let you enjoy my cum down your throat just now, maybe later. 

Yes sir, but I’m craving the taste of your cum in my mouth. 

You will not be rewarded but will do as I say when I say it. 

Yes sir, anything for you sir.

His cock was indeed rock hard and ready for action.  Bending her over the arm of his recliner he hiked up her black dress in order to expose her sex and ass to him.  What a beautiful sight.  Her pussy lips were already swollen as if he had already fucked her and her ass was wet and ready to receive him.  They were pleading with him to be fucked.  She was pleading with him, begging him to fuck her.  She couldn’t wait a second longer.  Fuck me sir, fuck me hard sir.  Fuck fuck fuck fuck she chanted.  She indeed was being a very bad girl. 

No such pleading was really necessary because he couldn’t hold himself back any longer either.  His hard cock slipped into her pussy as fingers slip into a light leather glove, tight but fitting perfectly and comfortably.  With his hands on her hips for leverage he starts the rhythm of his thrusts.  She is moving her bottom back to connect with him creating a little sucking sound as their parts smack together.  Oh baby, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, harder, don’t stop, don’t stop she beseeches him.  He indeed couldn’t stop, for he had an overwhelming need to cum.  But he also had a great need to fuck her ass.  It was so inviting and was even tighter than her pussy.  Slowing down the rhythm of his thrust he stops this action.  She moans her dismay at this turn of events.  She had already climaxed twice and was working up to a third time when he stopped and pulled out of her twat.  If only she could see how swollen and pink and wet and sexy her vvv looked right now.  He certainly was enjoying the view and would keep that image in his mind for later stimulation when he was on his own without her. 

He pulled her to her feet, removed her dress by pulling it over her head, and unhooked her bra from the back.  There she stood completely naked before him.  Her nipples were a soft pink colour and were the size of silver dollars, not too big but not small either.  The tips were like two little hard clits sticking out at him and asking to be sucked on.  And suck on them he would but not just yet, there was an ass that was diverting his attention.  Throwing her down on the bed in a domineering manner he tells her to get on her hands and knees and to put her cute little ass in the air.  That’s right wiggle that ass a little for my amusement and pleasure he tells her.  Yes sir.  Am I being a good girl sir?  No, you are a very bad girl and bad girls get a cock in their ass.  Would you like that bad girl?  Yes sir, I would like that very much sir.  First suck on my cock and make it wet and make it hard.  It needs to be hard and wet to fit into that tight little ass of yours. 

Adjusting her position on the bed a little she opens her mouth and receives his cock like a precious elixir, and she sucks and licks and gives it tiny bites.  She loves his cock so very much and wants to have it every day to play with and enjoy.

Assuming her previous position he centers himself at her entrance.  It is very tight so he must go slowing.  Oh, how sweet that ass is.  He is inside her as far as he can go and still wants to go further.  He wants to crawl right in there and be part of her.  He needs to cum badly and his balls are hurting, they are so hard and tight.  Must get this cum out and soon.  There is no stopping him now as he pounds his cock into her ass like he is playing a set of drums, bang, bang, bang, bang, and he can hear the music in his head and the words come to mind but are quickly forgotten, just the beat of the drum and the slap sound of the cymbals.  Cadence, pace, rhythm, pulse.  She is screaming and moaning and cumming all at the same time.  She is out of control and has completely lost to all sense of herself.  Her sounds are added to the music in his head and this surrounds him and becomes part of him and he surrenders to this magic and releases in waves and waves.  It pours out of him and into her ass and finally escapes and runs down in rivulets.  Bad bad girl he says.  Time for your punishment my darling slut wife as you have played your part very well indeed.

The end

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11 thoughts on “Master have you left me?

  1. I love the passion/intensity of your writing. I am sure he has not left you! I have been in a funk myself, which makes it harder to connect but at the same time makes me feel more needy. Did you send him this story? He will love it I am sure =)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think we all feel needy sometimes. I know I have been feeling particularly needy lately myself. Lots of love to you. If you ever want to just chat about it your twinflame experience (or anything) or just vent feel free anytime =)

        Liked by 1 person

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