Blowing you a kiss

Take me to church by Summerhill Lane

Blowing you a kiss

Blowing you a kiss

Across the air waves

 Kite with streamers

Fanfare and hearts of red attached

Fluttering in the cool breeze

On its way without conditions

No expectations of its return

Sending you a text

Impulsive and needy

Not a good look to be this greedy

For attention and a nod in this direction

Best to write it all down in a book

And not give it to you to have a look

Happy and content to be on my own

I never used to be able to lie like this so straight faced

Pushed into a corner of my own making

Starving and panting like a hound

Looking at your face for one raised eyebrow

Blowing you a kiss across the airwaves

Blowing you a kiss instead of blowing you

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15 thoughts on “Blowing you a kiss

  1. I’ve felt like this. Like a constant needy ache to be with him, or even just have some of his attention. It’s not fun- it affects my whole life so I had to stop caring so much. It’s hard.

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      1. Yes, especially when their attention feels so good. It’s a constant up and down for me though and it makes it hard for me to be happy. I wish all the best for you! ❤️

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      2. I understand as my own situation is the same. Inconsistent, hot and cold, off and on, up and down. Unbelievably incredible and intense then severely disabling and painful.
        I wish you all the very best too❤️

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