Channeled Reading

She has problems with her back by Summerhill Lane

Channeled Reading

Dear loved ones,

It is again a gloomy wet Sunday.  Yesterday was warm and sunny and I got to lay in the sun on my balcony for a good hour and a half.  Glorious.  That brightened my mood considerably and also gave me a little colour.  I like to be tanned, just because it looks better and I am very vain.  Ha ha. 

I love being vain, as who else would give a shit.  I hope you realize I am having a good laugh at my expense.  I am getting older and pretty soon there will be no reason to be vain anymore, so better enjoy it while I can.  I can still be a very lively, smart old lady and that too is something to look forward to.

I used to read tarot cards for friends and family and sometimes strangers.  It was fascinating how accurate the readings always were and eventually it started to spook me.  I shouldn’t be able to know these things about other people.  Their deepest darkest secrets, their desires and wants.  I didn’t need the tarot cards really to do a reading because I could just sit and look and feel and hear, but the cards were helpful to the person who I was doing the reading for. 

I often get premonitions that usually turn out to be accurate and spot on.  Why I get these messages is unknown, because they don’t seem to help anyone or change the event from occurring.  Once I got a premonition that my neighbour’s son, who was 15, was going to die.  He would die on a motorcycle and the accident would take place in the back lane behind our house.  I saw it happen in my mind’s eye.

The next day, this did happen as I saw, and he did die.  He was taking a test ride on a motorcycle and ran into a telephone pole.  This happened in the back lane right behind our house.  Should I have run and told his mother not to let him test drive the motorbike?  No one would have listened I am sure, and I didn’t want to come across as the crazy lady next door. 

I have started doing a few tarot readings again for friends and just for fun.  It is fun and it is entertainment.  I also love listening to other readers on utube.  By far my favourite reader and soul sister is Emmerson 36911.  I also love Lala at Power of Love Tarot.  There are so many more too.  (Tyler’s Tarot, Twin Light Tarot, Ali’s Tarot)

I sat down at my computer and put my fingers on the keyboard and the above is what appeared.  I must have channeled it.  A channeled reading.  Whoever I am channeling has nothing much to say either and is bored being in lockdown.  Smiley face.

I love you.  Thank you for reading my nonsense today.  I hope you like the painting at the beginning. I was visiting my mother-in-law in a seniors home and three older ladies were talking about their friend who had trouble with her back. I got the sketch after two of the ladies had already left and only one of the women was still sitting there. 

Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane

P.S. I really should be concentrating on a new painting.  I have some very sensual lips to paint. 

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15 thoughts on “Channeled Reading

  1. Hey, it’s not nonsense, I enjoyed the read. The introduction is interesting, I could picture the bliss and laugh. I came to learn we all have abilities that have been suppressed and being ignorant of them we keep suppressing them. You being able to channel and have psychic abilities is good, just means you are aligned to your true self.

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  2. I was given a old tarot cards many years ago by a Gypsy friend, over 100 years old. Artwork on each card. I keep them safe. I study the tarot cards and I can give readings. They are entertaining. Be careful and be safe my friend.

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